Madden 21 Update: New Patch Addresses Connection Problems - Title Update, Disconnections, Weekend League, Autumn Blast & more

A new Madden 21 patch has gone out on Xbox One and PC, with PS4 coming next.

This patch fixes connection problems that players have had in Madden 21 caused by the Thursday Title Update.

Let's dive in.

Madden 21 Update Addresses Connection Problems

Players have had connection problems in Madden 21 since Thursday's Title Update.

Madden 21 Update Connectivity Patch Thursday Title Update
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IT'S HERE: A new Madden 21 update fixes connection problems from the last Title Update

This isn't a new concept for players, who also ran into the same issues from the November Title Update at the beginning of the month.

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Just like then, EA have pushed a new smaller patch to fix the connection problems introduced in the larger Title Update for some players.

PS4 is Next

While the new Madden 21 update has dropped on Xbox One and PC, PS4 is still to come.

ps4 Madden 21 update connection November Title Update
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COMING SOON: PS4 will receive the new Madden 21 update soon

That means Playstation players will have to wait a little longer for EA's connectivity patch to clear connection problems.

Autumn Blast

Due to connection issues introduced in Thursday's Madden 21 Title Update, Autumn Blast is getting some changes.

madden 21 autumn blast
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RISE AND GRIND: Autumn Blast brings tons of rewards to Madden 21 Ultimate Team

Players will now be able to take on the Madden 21 Autumn Blast co-op challenges solo.

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These co-op challenges will be a great place for players to grind with the high rewards.

Weekend League

Madden 21 Weekend League was also hit by the Title Update's connection issues for many players.

henry next gen Madden 21 patch title update
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FORCE: Madden 21 Weekend League is where the strong survive

With connection limiting access and results alike, we expect EA will offer players some recompense. Most likely this will mean free access to Madden 21 Weekend League this week, which will give players out of the loop a chance to see what the action is like.

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If EA does offer free Weekend League entry for Madden 21 players in response to connection issues, more experienced MUT veterans should have a field day picking up wins this weekend.

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