Madden 20 Ultimate Team: The best New England Patriots cards to buy in MUT - Brady, Gronkowski, Gilmore & more

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The New England Patriots are the most successful NFL team of the 21st century. With six Super Bowls to their name and nine AFC Championships, their legacy speaks for itself.

They may have fallen short of their lofty expectations this season after a shocking Wildcard defeat to the Houston Texans, but their recent success has been proof that the Belichick-Brady dynasty is the best the NFL has seen.

As a result, they have a litany of quality players in Ultimate Team, from icons of the past to current greats.


You can expect even more high OVR card for the Patriots to arrive as the Team of the Year gets announced, so keep coming back to discover the new cards.

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To activate level 1 of the team chemistry for the Patriots you need five cards from the team. So which ones are the best to use?

Tom Brady (95 OVR)

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Program: NFL 100


Position: QB

Auction House Value: Xbox - 311k / PS4 - 306k / PC - 318k

It's not a surprise to see Tom Brady atop the list of best Patriots players.

The GOAT got a place in the NFL 100 list and as a result got this superb MUT card. With 97 short accuracy, 94 medium accuracy, 94 play action, and 92 throw power he can make any pass you want him to.

Brady is obviously not very mobile (62 speed) but if you are a drop-back passer then Brady is the guy to use.

Rob Gronkowski (95 OVR)

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Program: Zero Chill


Position: TE

Auction House Value: Xbox - 421k / PS4 - 394k / PC 411k

The Patriots hero of the last decade is unsurprisingly the best tight end in Madden 20 Ultimate Team.

With a monstrous 94 catch in traffic, 93 spectacular catch, and 93 catching there isn't much a defender can do to stop him reeling in the ball. With 86 speed, 89 trucking, 90 stiff arm, and a very good 79 run block he can do it all.

Stephon Gilmore (95 OVR)

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Program: NFL Playoffs


Position: CB

Auction House Value: Xbox - 315k / PS4 - 320k / PC - 340k

Stephon Gilmore's 2019 season was so impressive that he was named First Team All-Pro. And so is this MUT card.

With 97 man coverage, 95 press, and 90 zone coverage he is a beast. That comes with 94 play recognition, 93 acceleration, 90 speed, and 90 jumping. If you are looking for a top-level cornerback then completing the set is a quick way to add this Gilmore card.

Devin McCourty (94 OVR)

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Program: Series 3 Master


Position: FS

Auction House Value: Xbox – 508k / PS4 – 540k / PC – 109k

MUT Series 4 is here, which means the Series 3 Master card of Devin McCourty is now available in packs, but you’ll have to be lucky to pull him. Instead, you can head to the auction house to secure yourself this elite coverage safety.

McCourty has a massive 94 zone coverage and 90 man coverage along with 89 speed and a sensational 96 play recognition. His 77 tackling isn’t great, but he is ideal against a pass-heavy team.

James White (93 OVR)

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Program: Ultimate Kickoff


Position: HB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 162k / PS4 – 159k / PC - 288k

There are a lot of quality running backs in MUT, hence the lower price tag for this 93 OVR card. White is a receiving back of ultimate quality, and he is a juke machine in MUT.

With 82 catching, 82 short route running, and 93 juke moves he is the perfect receiving back for your quick passing game.

All the best New England Patriots MUT cards

Player OVR Position Program AH Value (Xbox/PS4)
Devin McCourty94FSMaster 
James White93HBUltimate Kickoff 
Tom Brady92QBHarvest 
Ty Law92CBLegends 
Rob Gronkowski92TEMUT 10 
Jamie Collins91LOLBTOTW 
Sony Michel91HBSignature Series 
Julian Edelman91WRTOTW 
Dont’a Hightower90ROLBMUT Heroes 
Stephon Gilmore90CBMUT Superstars 
Ty Law90CBLegends 
Trey Flowers89REFlashbacks 
Rob Ninkovich89LETheme Diamonds 
Shaq Mason89RGHeavyweight