Madden 20 Ultimate Team: Absolutely everything you need to know about Zero Chill – Players, sets & challenges

Zero Chill is back in Madden 20, and with new features here is all the information you need to know.

by Remy Cabache

Zero Chill has arrived on Madden and keeps on being updated, and will do for the next three weeks. Keep up with all the updates here.

The Zero Chill program is officially back again in MUT and launched today with a bunch of new players, sets, challenges and packs. It has also arrived with another new currency, Kindling. Kindling is what you’re going to need to buy packs and players from the store, much like you do with Training. As a bonus, when you first enter MUT you will receive a welcome pack with a NAT 82 OVR Bruce Smith along with a MUT Tip worth 25 kindling.

Here is everything you need to know about this year’s zero chill.

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Of course, most people’s main concern with any new program is which new players they can add to their team. There are a total of 22 players available, ranging from 78 OVR up to 95 OVR.

Bruce Smith, Zero Chill Master

In need of a dominant RE? Look no further. Smith is a beast, as you may expect. With 95 strength, 92 play recognition, 92 tackle, 93 block shedding, 95 power moves, and 90 finesse moves, good luck to anyone playing offense against you.

There is also a Power Up Bruce Smith card available.

Gingerbread Masters

There are three Gingerbread Masters to earn through sets.

Ted Hendricks (93 OVR)

While Hendricks may not be the most mobile LOLB in the game, he is going to be a beast against the run and a great pass rusher, particularly at defensive end in nickel packages. He has 85 strength, 90 tackling, 92 play recognition, 91 block shedding, and 89 pursuit. For what it’s worth, with 84 speed, 81 agility and 86 acceleration, he can do some damage in coverage when user-controlled.

X-Factor: Reinforcement

Tier 1 Ability: Secure Tackler

Tier 2 Ability: Enforcer

Tier 3 Ability: Run Stopper

Amari Cooper (92 OVR)

Cooper has been one of the most impactful players for the Cowboys from the moment he arrived in Dallas, and this new card can be just as impactful for your Ultimate Team.

With 90 speed, 94 agility, 87 jumping, 89 catching, 86 catch in traffic, and 87 spectacular catch, added to his 88 short route running, 90 medium route running and 86 deep route running, he could be a nightmare to defend.

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X-Factor: Double Me

Tier 1 Ability: In Specialist

Tier 2 Ability: Out Corner Elite

Tier 3 Ability: Outside Apprentice

Adrian Peterson (91 OVR)

Of the three Gingerbread Masters, Peterson is the one I’m least excited about, largely thanks to his abilities. While his ratings and abilities make him a very good power back, as should be expected, two of his abilities – Bruiser and Bulldozer – do the same thing. He basically has just two abilities.

Nevertheless, he is a good card.

X-Factor: First One Free

Tier 1: Ability: Bulldozer

Tier 2 Ability: Juke Box

Tier 3 Ability: Bruiser

The rest of the Zero Chill players can be found here.

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Ghosts of Madden Future

  • Master Terry McLaurin (94 OVR)
  • Devin Bush (93 OVR)
  • Brian Burns (93 OVR)
  • Chris Lindstrom (93 OVR)

Ghosts of Madden Present

  • Master J.J. Watt (95 OVR)
  • Todd Gurley II (94 OVR)
  • Leighton Vander Esch (94 OVR)
  • Patrick Mahomes (94 OVR)

Out of Position

  • Master Calvin Johnson (95 OVR FS)
  • Patrick Ricard (93 OVR DT)
  • Mike Evans (93 OVR CB)
  • Taysom Hill (91 OVR TE)
  • Joe Webb II (89 OVR WR)
  • Josh Allen (87 OVR LOLB)
  • Landon Collins (85 OVR MLB)


Along with the players, there are seven sets to be completed.

  • Holiday Puzzle: Add 15 puzzle pieces to complete the scene and earn a medium or better gift. Hurry, because it expires at 10am ET on Christmas Eve (24th).
  • Holiday Puzzle Collectible Exchange: Turn in any two puzzle pieces to open a fantasy pack allowing you to choose any one puzzle piece. Hurry, because it expires at 10am ET on Christmas Eve (24th).
  • Hearth: You can defrost frozen player items along with 100 Kindling quicksell to find out who you have. Expires January 3 at 10am ET.
  • Zero Chill Master Bruce Smith: Exchange all 94 OVR Christian McCaffrey, 93 OVR Derwin James and 92 Darius Leonard to earn his Master card and Power Up item, along with a NAT version of your choice of one of the players you exchange.
  • Gingerbread Master Adrian Peterson: Three Gingerbread Master collectibles. Expires January 10 at 10am.
  • Gingerbread Master Amari Cooper: Four Gingerbread Master collectibles. Expires January 10 at 10am.
  • Gingerbread Master Ted Hendricks: Six Gingerbread Master collectibles. Expires January 10 at 10am.


As Zero Chill goes on there will be more challenges, right now there is just one, along with a limited time House Rules solo and H2H.

Snow Day: 10 Challenges, 5,500 Coins, 100 Kindling, 50 Stars possible

A MUTmas Carol: 22 Challenges, 16,500 coins, 220 Kindling, 66 Stars possible

OOP Training Camp: 14 Challenges, 7,700 coins, 140 Kindling, 70 stars possible

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As more solo’s are released your rewards will stack, all the way up to 434 Stars. Along the way you will earn both Zero Chill uniforms, 12 Gingerbread Master collectibles, 200 Kindling, a Team Captain Token and 88-91 OVR NAT Zero Chill Player.

The Hearth

The Hearth is the new limited-time House Rules mode. The first is called Snowball Fight and will go on for the first week of Zero Chill, before a new set of rules takes over.

In solo Snowball Fight you get two points per reception, minus one point for an incompletion, and five points for an interception, with no special teams. You start with three minutes left in the third quarter, and have to fight back from a point deficit.

One star difficulty: Down by 25

Two star: Down by 40

Three star: Down by 55

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You can play these games as much as you like, and winning will unlock Hearth Packs that could contain Kindling, Frozen Players, Small Presents, or Holiday Puzzle Pieces.

The Hearth H2H

These are the same rules, Snowball Fight, and the rules will reset every Monday but the rewards will stack. The only difference is the game lasts just a quarter. Wins reward Hearth Packs, and at specific win totals you’ll earn Gingerbread Master collectibles. They are: 5-15-30-50-70-90-100-110-120-130-145-160-175-190 wins. Rewards accumulate over the entire three week program.

The Store

Obviously, with a new currency, there is plenty new in the store.

  • 85+ OVR Zero Chill Player: 150 Points.
  • Zero Chill Pack: 35,000 Coins or 600 Points.
  • 2x Zero Chill Bundle: 1,050 Points. Limit of six.
  • 10x Zero Chill Bundle: 5,850 Points. Limit of four.
  • 78+ OVR Zero Chill Player: 625 Training.
  • 85+ OVR Zero Chill Player: 930 Kindling.
  • 78+ OVR Zero Chill Only Player: 255 Kindling.
  • 100 Kindling Quicksell: 100 Kindling.
  • 92-94 OVR Zero Chill Hero: 5,850 Kindling.
  • Large Gift: 4,170 Kindling. Opens 12/25.
  • Medium Gift: 1,290 Kindling. Opens 12/25.
  • Small Gift: 240 Kindling. Opens 12/25.
  • Zero Chill Premium Uniform Bundle: 1,000 Points. Limit of one.
  • Zero Chill Premium Uniform Fantasy Pack: 600 Points.

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Remy Cabache