Madden 20: Lamar Jackson joins the most OP players in history – Mike Vick, Barry Sanders & more

Madden’s latest update has made Lamar Jackson one of the most OP players ever.

by Remy Cabache

Every so often, a player comes along in a game who is simply too good to stop. In its 30 year history, Madden has had its fair share.

It is particularly evident now, as with the latest update to Lamar Jackson he is cementing himself in the discussion of the best Madden players of all time. Now the fastest QB in Madden history, and on the receiving end of an upgrade almost every week, is there a limit to how good he can be on Madden?

However, as I alluded to before, many have come before him. So, who are the 10 most unstoppable players in Madden history?

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*In no particular order*

Mike Vick, Madden 04

ROLL LEFT: All you needed to do with Vick was roll to the left

Team: Atlanta Falcons

Rating: 95

A player previously in his own league, Mike Vick defines the OP Madden player. He is even, probably, the cause for a shift towards the defense in Madden’s to come.

With 95 speed, all you needed to do was role out of the pocket and the game was in your hands. Want to throw? Sure, just heave it with his crazy arm strength. Want to have some more fun? Just run it and run rings around every defender.

Lamar Jackson, Madden 20

HEISMAN: Jackson is becoming one of the most dominant Madden players ever

Team: Baltimore Ravens

Rating: 91

What’s crazy about him is he started the year as a 76 OVR player, and his improvement doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

In both real life and the game he is going after Mike Vick’s crown as the best dual-threat QB ever. He recently overtook him as the fastest QB ever, with 96 speed, and his newly added Superstar abilities and constantly improving passing ratings make him so frustrating to defend.

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Like Vick, there isn’t really any way to STOP him in-game, maybe just slow him down.

Ray Lewis, Madden 05

DEFENSE: Lewis was the focal point of defensive growth in Madden

Team: Baltimore Ravens

Rating: 99

Ray Lewis enjoyed a five year run of being rated 99 overall, but in Madden 05, with the introduction of the hit stick, Lewis came into his own.

Much like in real life, Lewis could make offenses pay for running the ball or passing the ball anywhere near him. He was mobile and terrifyingly forceful, and was the figurehead of the game transitioning to having some defensive clout.

Barry Sanders, Madden 99

WOOP: Good luck getting hands on Sanders

Team: Detroit Lions

Rating: 100

Arguably the GOAT RB, it should be no surprise we see him here.

For a long time, 99 OVR has been the ceiling of what a player can be, and being in the 99 Club has become quite the honor. Well, Sanders one-upped that by being given a perfect rating of 100.

It would be hard to argue with it, too, as watching him in person really looked as though he was simply playing a video game and toying with everyone around him. In the game, you could do virtually anything you wanted.

Randy Moss, Madden 09

STAR: No cornerback could stop Moss from dominating

Team: New England Patriots

Rating: 99

The NFL has seen many great receivers come through its ranks, and Moss is perhaps one of the most dominant.

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His height and speed, coupled with crazy leaping ability and hands like glue, in Madden 09, after a historic season the year before, Moss was virtually unstoppable. He could run past any corner you put on him, the safety, too, and he’d beat anyone to the ball.

He was the ultimate receiving weapon.

Calvin Johnson Jr, Madden 13

MEGATRON: The nickname speaks for itself

Team: Detroit Lions

Rating: 99

Much like Moss, Johnson Jr., was not only technically gifted, but was a freak of nature when it came to the receiver position.

Megatron was built like a defensive end but had the movement of a typical receiver. He straight up bullied whoever was covering him, made ludicrous contested catches, and in the red zone was just unstoppable. If you threw the ball near him, he came down with it.

Devin Hester, Madden 08

SPECIALIST: Hester was the greatest returner of all time, and he replicated it in Madden

Team: Chicago Bears

Rating: 83

Speed has always been a focal point of gamers when looking for players, and can be a big part of a players dominance. Hester exemplified that.

While Hester is the most one-dimensional player on this list, his impact was crazy. One of just a few players ever to have 100 speed, Hester as a kick returner was laughably good. You could just run side to side and backwards until a gap presented itself, then just take off.

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If you ever got to receive a kick with him, your opponent had to not be thinking straight.

Deion Sanders, Madden 99 & 00

PRIME: Sanders is one a few players to be rated 100 or higher

Team: Dallas Cowboys

Rating: 100

Another of the few players to receive a rating of 100. Much like in real life, you threw towards Primetime at your own peril.

Sanders was so fast, and could make up ground on receivers in a heartbeat, not that he ever needed to, and if he got his hands on the ball he was very difficult to stop getting to the endzone. What’s more, as a returner he was simply destructive.

Jerry Rice, Madden 98

GOAT: No one will ever touch Rice’s records nor his Madden 98 rating

Team: San Francisco 49ers

Ratings: 189

His rating says it all.

The GOAT was given the highest Madden rating ever on Nintendo 64 and was simply too good. It is justified, he is the greatest receiver to ever grace the NFL, but the ratings creators at the time went a little bit crazy with this one.

Marshall Faulk, Madden 03

DO-IT-ALL: Recreating the Greatest Show on Turf was easy in Madden 03 with Faulk

Team: St. Louis Rams

Rating: 99

The ultimate dual-threat running back.

Faulk was as complete a runner as he was a receiver, and was the engine to the Greatest Show on Turf. The then cover star was rewarded by being made one of the best running backs ever in Madden. He could make people miss with ease, and could have been a great receiver if nothing else.

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Remy Cabache