Madden 20 Color Smash: House Rules event confirmed - format, rewards, eggs, & more

Madden Ultimate Team's Color Smash arrived on Friday, albeit a little late, with a lot of content for players.

Daily egg hunts, a grindable word scramble, and two 98 OVR masters have kept players in isolation and lockdown busy.

We also know that a new House Rules event will be going live today.

This limited-time event is sure to have big rewards, so what can players expect?

Color Smash House Rules start time & format

Color Smash Egg Hunt
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EGG-CELLENT: Color Smash has been a big boost for people in lockdown

We know that a House Rules event is coming today, but we aren't quite sure what it will be.

The House Rules are "Played Out".

That means that offensive & defensive plays have a long 5-play cooldown period with just a 2-play limit. So you better have an arsenal of money plays to use!

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You can expect the event to go live at 10:30am ET / 3:30pm BST today, barring any unexpected delays again.


The rewards for the new House Rules event are Color Smash players!

After 5, 10, and 15 wins you'll get two 87-95 Color Smash players. At 20 wins you'll get three 87-95 Color Smash players, and after 25 wins it's two 91-95 Color Smash players.

30 & 35 win milestones will be 100 trophies and 10,000 coins, with 40, 45, and 50 wins earning you 100 trophies and 15,000 coins.

Candy for eggs

Color Smash Master Ed Reed
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CAN'T CATCH ME: Getting hold of Ed Reed has been tricky

With no 96 OVR exchange set you'll want to sell off those Color Smash players for candy and invest in some eggs! Be sure to buy the biggest ones you can.

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The bigger the egg, the better the reward when they hatch on 12 April, so get loaded up and stay ready for your rewards!

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