Madden 20: 5 low OVR hidden gems in franchise mode - John Ross, Darron Lee & more

EA Sports has made an effort to make player OVR more reflective of how that player will perform on the field for you in Madden 20.

While that holds for the majority of players, especially at the extremes, there are always exceptions to this. There are players that have a high OVR but due to some disappointing sub-stat don't play up to that number, while others can play far better than you would expect.

These are the players you can take advantage of in franchise mode. The CPU teams will undervalue them, making them exceptionally available in trades and cheap to sign in free agency. Adding them to your team doesn't guarantee a Super Bowl if the rest of your roster is a mess, but they can help create extra options on offense, depth on defense, and reliable user players.

Who are these low OVR diamonds in the rough?

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Jonathan Jones, New England Patriots (76 OVR)

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The Patriots have a strong secondary, which extends to their #3 cornerback Jonathan Jones. At 25 years old he has plenty of years left ahead of him in the NFL, and with exceptional 95 speed and 95 acceleration his physical tools will allow him to compete immediately.

His 74 man coverage isn't great, but with a bit of training and some game time as your slot corner he will be a remarkable asset to any defense.

John Ross, Cincinnati Bengals (74 OVR)

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Speed kills in Madden 20, and no one shows that more than John Ross. The former first-round pick has not done much in his NFL career, but in Madden he can be a game-changer. With 97 speed and 95 acceleration he can get beyond defenses and take screens or end arounds to the house at the drop of a hat.

Ross' 79 catching is solid enough for now and his 88 jumping will see him win high passes in the endzone too.

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Darron Lee, Kansas City Chiefs (73 OVR)

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Darron Lee is another player that has not lived up to his potential. A first-round pick in 2016 for the Jets he is on the Chiefs now and brings exceptional athleticism to a position that can lack speed.

Any Madden player worth their salt should be controlling their middle linebacker on defense, which means Lee's low play recognition and awareness are not a factor, but his speed (87), acceleration (88), and hit power (85) certainly are.

Kenjon Barner, Atlanta Falcons (71 OVR)

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Are you noticing a trend? Running back is another position you control almost all the time, so athleticism trumps smarts. Kenjon Barner brings 91 speed, an 87 spin move, and 86 juke move, making him a dangerous runner in the hands of a good player.

His catching (62) isn't ideal but if you run a lot of stretch and zone runs then Barner is an excellent low-cost option at running back that can generate yards without crushing your salary cap.

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Moritz Boehringer, Cincinnati Bengals (64 OVR)

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If you want blocking from your tight end look elsewhere, but if you need receiving prowess then Moritz Boehringer is the ultimate low OVR player.

The former German Football League player was drafted without ever playing NCAA Football. He has struggled to make the NFL field and was moved from wide receiver to tight end. That is an incredibly OP move in Madden, where speed is a rare thing at TE. Boehringer's 92 acceleration and 88 speed makes him a monster matchup against linebackers. Just don't try and run behind him.

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