Madden 17 Ultimate Team: Competitive Set Guide

Madden 17 Ultimate Team has lots of perks, one being its Sets and their trading card-esque feel. Here is a guide to just one of them: Competitive

by Remy Cabache

Madden 17 Ultimate Team is the best you can get in terms of Ultimate Team modes. It has so many Solo Challenges for those who don’t want to play online, it has several different ways to play online and it has many different ways to reward you. But best of all, you get to choose a lot of your rewards.

These rewards are all in the various Sets that are available in MUT. Over the last few weeks we’ve been doing a rundown of all the different Sets available, and now it is time for the Competitive Set.

As you may have gathered from the name of this Set, it has something to do with competing. In fact, the only way to complete any of the Sub-Sets is by playing online in one of the online formats in MUT – Head to Head, Salary Cap Ranked, Draft Champions Ranked or Head to Head Drafts.

The reason for that is because this Set requires Competitive Badges, and they are only available as a reward for your competitive play. Here is a breakdown for each game mode and how many Badges you’ll get based on your performance:

Head to Head

Head to Head 2

Salary Cap Ranked

Salary Cap Ranked

Draft Champions Ranked

Madden NFL 17 19

Head to Head Drafts

Madden NFL 17 18

Now that you know how to get these Badges, let’s see what they go towards. Here are the 9 different Sub-Sets for you to work on:

  • Pro Pack

Add 5 Competitive Badges to earn a Pro Pack

  • All-Pro Pack

Add 15 Competitive Badges to earn an All-Pro Pack

  • Champion Drew Brees

Add 100 Competitive Badges to earn a 90 Overall Champion Edition Drew Brees.

  • Champion Robert Quinn

Add 90 Competitive Badges to earn an 89 Overall Champion Edition Robert Quinn.

  • Champion Patrick Chung

Add 85 Competitive Badges to earn an 88 Overall Champion Edition Patrick Chung.

  • Champion Julius Peppers

Add 80 Competitive Badges to earn an 86 Overall Champion Edition Julius Peppers.

  • Champion Jonathan Stewart

Add 80 Competitive Badges to earn an 87 Overall Champion Edition Jonathan Stewart.

  • Challenger Julian Edelman

Add 50 Competitive Badges to earn an 85 Overall Julian Edelman. He is only available during Season 1.

  • Events Master

Add 100 Competitive Badges to earn the Events Master Collectible.

Admittedly, these are pretty high prices seeing as it is not easy to amass the necessary amount of Badges unless MUT online games are all you ever play. As that is the case, you probably find it odd that I recommend you focus on the Sub-Set that seemingly gives you the worst reward: Events Master.

The reason I say this is because the Events Master Collectible is only attainable through this Set, and the Collectible is only usable for one Set. That Set gives you a player that is only attainable from that one Set. The Set and Player in question is the MUT Master Set and a 95 Overall Rob Gronkowski. This version of Gronkowski is the best player in the entire MUT database and he is an absolute beast.

Another reason I suggest you target the Events Master Sub-Set is because you can get a 90 Overall QB for less than this version of Drew Brees, there are actually 8. The same goes for the other players and you can buy those Packs or earn them for less.

That does it for this Set which does have some great rewards if you’re willing to grind away to earn them.

Let us know what you think of this Set in the comments! 

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Remy Cabache