How to Lateral (Pitch) in Madden 23

Controlling the ball and advancing it up the field in Madden 23 is going to be pretty important this year and there's a very interesting way to do it.

We're going to show you how to lateral (pitch) in Madden 23 on both consoles. However, we're also going to tell you why we advise against it.

Let's see if this mechanic will be useful in Madden 23 and MUT.

How to Lateral (Pitch) in Madden 23 (PlayStation)

The first console we're going to cover is the PlayStation. The good news is that the Madden 23 controls are pretty much the same across all platforms.

To perform a lateral or pitch in Madden 23, you'll press the L1 button, commonly referred to as the left bumper on Xbox.

Madden 23 controls
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HOW TO PITCH: Use L1 to pitch the ball in Madden 23

It's pretty simple to do but requires the right timing and for one of your teammates to be behind you. If not, you'll be tossing the ball to one of your opponents or directly to the ground. Press L1 to lateral (pitch) in Madden 23.

Now that we've covered the PlayStation controls for Madden 23, let's check out how to pitch on Xbox.

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How to Lateral (Pitch) on Xbox

If you're switching over from PlayStation to Xbox, you'll be happy to know that the Madden 23 controls for pitches is the same.

The button is called LB (left bumper) but it's in the same location as the PlayStation controller, making it pretty simple to remember.

Madden 23
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EXTRA YARDS: A good pitch could mean some extra yardage for you

As we mentioned above, timing is the most important part of how to lateral in Madden 23. Keep in mind that you'll leave yourself susceptible to fumbles if you don't time it right. Press LB to lateral (pitch) in Madden 23 on Xbox.

We've got more on the controls for Madden 23 right here.

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