Brock Purdy Madden 23 rating for 49ers new QB

With the 49ers having to switch things up, fans are wondering where the Madden 23 rating for Brock Purdy puts him.

We've got details on exactly how good (or bad) the Brock Purdy Madden 23 rating is and how he compares to others.

Brock Purdy Madden 23 Rating

Fans were collectively stunned when 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo went down with a broken foot.

It's not the first injury to plague the San Francisco 49ers this season, and not even their first quarterback to end up injured this year.

Second year standout and first round draft pick Trey Lance was set to be the starter for San Francisco this season, and now his backup Jimmy Garoppolo is also down.

That leaves 7th round rookie Brock Purdy, the final pick of the draft and technically this year's Mr. Irrelevant, at the helm.

Brock Purdy Madden 23 Rating
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To start the year, the Madden 23 ratings adjustors likely agreed with that nickname.

As of now, the Brock Purdy Madden 23 rating sits at just 59 OVR, far below his counterparts on the team.

That also makes him tied for the 13th lowest rated quarterback in all of Madden 23.

Madden 23 49ers Quarterback Player Ratings

The Madden 23 ratings adjustors can be absolutely ruthless, and Trey Lance is a good example of that.

After starting the year at 72 OVR, Lance started to dip after his week two injury with EA docking his Awareness and Injury ratings.

A few weeks later, potentially after examining more film, his Awareness and a few other attributes were dropped to bump Lance down to 71 OVR.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Garoppolo started the year at 77 OVR and the highest rated 49ers quarterback in Madden 23.

After taking over for Lance, he struggled some and saw a drop to 76 OVR in week three before rebounding as high as 78 OVR in last week's roster update.

Now that Purdy has begun to prove himself, it's likely his Madden 23 rating will improve.

The next Madden 23 roster update is expected on Thursday, December 8 and should be the first glimpse of how much he's impressed EA Sports.

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