Vitality to drop Carzzy and Labrov from LEC Team

Vitality 2022

Vitality full rebuilt their team for the 2022 Season, spending huge money for the best talent in the west. Perkz and Alphari were summoned back from NA, two of the best solo laners Europe has ever produced.

Carzzy was also poached following his two consecutive LEC titles on Mad Lions the previous year. Rolled in with Labrov and Selfmade, this was a superteam, for whom anything but first would be a failure.

It didn't quite turn out that way though. Even with the swap of Selfmade for Haru in the mid-season, vitality failed to find traction and missed Summer Playoffs. Now they are making more radical changes.

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Carzzy and Labrov Leave Vitality

Many fans of Vitality would argue that the bot lane was the weak point of the team. The synergy Carzzy found with Kaiser to thrive on MAD was not present, and the team suffered.

Labrov vitality
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Both excellent players in their own right, they looked on different pages, with most of their standout moments not coming as pair. Something needed to change in the Vitality bot lane, and a rebuild makes sense.

Perkz and Alphari are sticking around in the solo lanes

Despite not being able to have the impact they would like, Perkz and Alphari still look like some of the best Europe has to offer. Both are dominant in lane, and Perkz's ability to impact the map is priceless.

Both are experienced veterans and bring shot-calling and leadership to Vitality. When the meta is in their favour they can be an especially scary carry threat each in their own right.

Haru was the World Champion, but Bo is the X factor

Perhaps the most exciting change coming to Vitality is the addition of Chinese Jungler Bo. Coming in as a substitute this year, while visa and language barrier issues are resolved, this young player is a source of massive hype.

Bo joined EUW solo queue recently, and absolutely tore up the ladder, reaching rank one with an unprecedented win rate. He offers a very different style to Haru, preferring carries, and it will be interesting to see how he fits into Vitality.

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