CFO are flying at Worlds 2022, take down LCS 100 Thieves

CFO Worlds 2022

CFO Worlds 2022

You may not have heard of them, but they're coming to take down your favourite teams; CTBC Flying Oyster is off to a fantastic start at Worlds 2022. An unproven wildcard coming into Worlds, CFO start strong with a decisive victory against LCS second seed 100 Thieves.

On the biggest stage in the World, with a largely unknown roster, taking any win would be an impressive feat, but this win makes a statement to Group D going forward. Here's the story of CTBC Flying Oyster.

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CFO Lol - Who are they?

CTBC Flying Oyster are this year's number 1 seed from the PCS. On their first year in the League, they beat out old titans like PSG Talon to take the title. Their starting roster for Worlds is as follows:

  • Top: Hsu “Rest” Shih-Chieh
  • Jungler: Huang “Gemini” Chu-Xuan
  • Mid: Chen “Mission” Hsiao-Hsien
  • Bot: Chao “Shunn” Ying-Shun
  • Support: Lin “Koala” Chih-Chiang
  • Substitute: Sung “Atlen” Ya-Lun
  • Head Coach: Chen “Achie” Chen-Chi
  • Assistant Coach: Kevin “Kevin Miller” Yukihiro Isoda Miller
CFO Worlds 2022 win
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Four members of CFO have made Worlds before, some more than once, but all eyes should be on their rookie ADC, Shunn. With no prior competitive experience, Shunn came in during the season and went 8/0/5 on Xayah on his debut. CFO hasn't looked back since.

Rest in the top lane is also a key player to watch, known for his flashy plays regardless of the champion he is playing. With carry top laners being so prominent in the meta, Rest could take over a game at any moment.

CFO vs 100 Thieves - The Oysters are very much airborne

Shunn did not disappoint on the first international outing of his career. Picking Kai'sa, a mechanical powerhouse, he was able to run rings around 100 Thieves, finishing an incredible 10/0/1.

Kai'sa Lol Worlds
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Fanart Credit u/Mr-Deer on Reddit

Rest also did not disappoint, diving in on Aatrox alongside Gemini's Viego, they created havoc and Shunn reaped the rewards. Fearless as ever, 100 Thieves were on the retreat in any fight.

CFO still has a mountain to climb to make a real impact at Worlds. They will have to best RNG or GenG to stand a chance at knockouts, which will be no easy task. One thing is for sure though: win or lose, they will be fantastic to watch.

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