New League of Legends Snow Moon Skins: Champions, Release Date, and Price

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Riot announced yesterday a whole new line of skins titled Snow Moon. That's right, snow-themed skins are being released during the summer. With the release of pool party Sett that happened last year in June, this theme seems a little out of nature.

But we aren't complaining. The fur-clad champions are designed brilliantly with the main colour scheme being blue, grey, and of course white. The skins actually give off a monster-hunter vibe which has increased hype.

Three champions have been announced via League of Legend's official Instagram. But perhaps more snow-based champions such as Nunu and Willump will also see this skin in the future.

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Caitlyn, Illaoi and Kayn are the poster champions for these new frosty skins being released. Fans are excited by all three of them getting a visual update with this new skin, due to the lack of skins that each of them has. That is NOT an issue for other champions such as Lux who boasts a collection of 13 different skins!

Fans are especially excited to see the new Illaoi skin. Considered an underdog of all top-laners, Illaoi is often left behind with most things but especially skins. This is surprising since she has been in the game for over 7 years.

The animations of the skins are seamless with the natural flow of each champion. This can most clearly be seen in Illaoi's skin with the swaying of her tentacles. Once again, Riot has struck the nail on the head.

Despite the obvious focus on the snow element, a moon-like glow can be seen around each of them to really showcase the lunar appeal.

Release Date

The shiny new skins are due to be available in patch 12.12. Just shortly after the release of Bel'Veth, the game's visuals are about to get a whole load more exciting.


Despite no official announcement of the skin prices. It can be assumed that the skins will be around 1350 RP. The splash artwork seems to point to them being a legendary line of skins but that is not yet confirmed. We will have to wait and see.

Snow Moon Illaoi
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These skins being released will provide mains of these champions with a new and exciting style to apply. But before purchasing, let's ask one question... Do YOU feel the winds of change?

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