*UPDATED* Riot set to rework Yuumi in League of Legends Season 13

Yuumi League of Legends Rework

Yuumi League of Legends Rework

League of Legends Season 12 has been long and arduous, from Zeri's electrifying release which kicked it all off, bringing tons of players headaches, to all of the skins, mid-scope updates, and more—League players have had a lot on their plate.

Taking part in that is everyone's favorite (or not so favorite) kitty cat champion, Yuumi, as she's been a menace on the Summoner's Rift for both professional and non-professional players alike.

With that in mind, the developers over at Riot Games are looking to change that.

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*UPDATED* Yuumi Abilities Leaked

There have been big developments for Yuumi's rework in League of Legends.

Leaks for her full kit and abilities have now been released.

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Riot set to rework Yuumi in League of Legends Season 13

It's no secret that League of Legends' Curious Cat, Yuumi, is one of the game's best champions. Her effectiveness across all of 2022 has been outstanding, racking up consistent play and win rates across competitive queues in League of Legends and pro play.

In solo queue, Yuumi has been a top-picked support through the game's five most recent patches, according to U.GG, and that idea has carried over to the big leagues. During the 2022 World Championship, she racked up a whopping 85 percent ban rate in all of the tournament's group stage, and when the killer cat was playable, she held a 100 percent win rate.

Stated in patch 12.23's notes, Riot is looking to put Yuumi in "a better place" when it comes to her "gameplay fantasy," aiming to make the champion "less frustrating to play against.

“We think there’s a better place for Yuumi where we can deliver on her gameplay fantasy for her players while also making her less frustrating to play against,” Riot said. “We’re giving Yuumi a decently sized nerf to temporarily address some of her more frustrating features and curbing her power in both elite and pro play. However, we definitely don’t see this as the final, long-term solution for this champion.”

This was later expanded upon by Riot’s lead designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison on Twitter.

“Her untargetable state is key for new players, but pros hyper-optimize going in and out to reduce counterplay for opponents, while regular players can’t,” Riot’s lead designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison said. “As a result, we don’t think having Yuumi spending more time unattached is going to give the desired outcome.”

With that, the developers aim to increase the ability to counter Yuumi while she's attached to an ally but also make her dependent on her "own personal success," giving more incentives to the player playing her for not abandoning on her lane partner.

More details regarding Yuumi's rework will be revealed via the next Quick Gameplay Thoughts.

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