Riot reveals that Lee Sin and Teemo are next in line for League of Legends ASU updates

Teemo League of Legends

Teemo League of Legends

As League of Legends continues its existence, originally launching in 2009, the developers over at Riot Games is always looking to keep the game's champions fresh and exciting.

In the past few years, the developers have released unique and intricate champions such as the most recently released K'Sante, and before that Renata Glasc, but they've also made it a point to keep some of the game's older champions up to date as seen by the Ahri and Caitlyn ASUs.

Well now, two more champions, namely Lee Sin and Teemo, are set to get ASUs of their own.

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Lee Sin and Teemo to receive League of Legends ASU updates in 2023

Keeping the trend of bringing older champions up to speed, fidelity-wise, Riot Brightmoon, and Riot Meddler revealed via their latest /dev diary, the developers announced that Lee Sin and Teemo are next in line for ASU updates in League of Legends.

Lee Sin and Teemo are some of the game's oldest champions as it's been nearly a decade since both of them have received any sort of major update. The former of the two, Teemo, was among the first champions to be released alongside League of Legends in 2009 while the latter, Lee Sin, joined the MOBA in 2011.

Lee Sin ASU League of Legends
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Both of these champions are infamous in one way or another. Famous for his devilish laughs and his ever-so-annoying mushrooms, Teemo is usually seen as League of Legends' mascot, although he doesn't see tons of play. On the other hand, Lee Sin, is one of the more iconic and flashy champions in the game, with his ability to outplay and outright carry games as a jungler.

The animations and overall design for both Lee Sin and Teemo are quite outdated, that's why Riot is looking to change that. An official release date for both of the ASUs has yet to be revealed. However, players can expect them to arrive sometime in 2023.

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