Odoamne leaves KOI Rogue for Excel, Jungler Xerxe to Follow

Rogue Odoamne

Rogue Odoamne

Odoamne is one of the longest serving top-laners in the LEC, and just this year finally picked up his first title. It was a historic moment for the veteran, and one that pulled on the heartstrings of new and old LEC fans alike.

This LEC offseason though is cutthroat, as all teams are making moves to ensure they have the best possible roster. Next year will see a brand new format, with more games for the best teams and fewer for teams trailing behind, so teams are anxious to pick up wins.

Here's what we know so far about Odoamne's move to Excel Esports.

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Odoamne Leaves KOI for Excel

It's no secret that Rogue is now under new management in the LEC. Well, technically the same management but a new name. In a merger with LVP team KOI, the flag flown by the team will now be that of KOI.

Rogue Odoamne
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After winning the LEC Summer Split, and making it to Worlds Quarterfinals, many expected the team to stay together, Their 0-3 loss to JDG certainly showed flaws though, and evidently it was Odoamne that saw as the weak link.

Odoamne will be replacing Finn as the top laner of Excel Esports, in a move it seems Finn was unfortunately unaware of.

Excel LEC Roster 2023

Xerxe will be joining Odoamne in the move to Excel, from his current position as jungler for Astralis. He will be replacing Markoon, and building a new, indisputably strong top-side for XL.

The two additions will also be a change in style for Excel. Where Finn could excel on carries, Xerxe and Odo will more likely lean towards facilitating their other players.

With Mikyx also leaving the team, Nukeduck and Patrik's future remains uncertain, as the LEC rosters for 2023 take shape.

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