Lol Worlds Groups Pick'em Predictions

Worlds Groups Pickems

Worlds Groups Pickems

Worlds 2022 is well underway, and all qualified teams are getting ready to take each other on in the Group Stage. All the group draws are complete, and as ever, the tournament is stacked with the best talent from around the World.

Pick'Ems is now live for the group stage, and you'll have to put each team in order in their respective groups. If you aren't quite up to speed, or just need a hint, here's our predictions for who will come out on top.

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Lol Worlds Group A - T1, EDG, Cloud9, Fnatic

Worlds Pickem Group A
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Group A kicks us off with one of the most stacked line-ups we've seen at Worlds to date. 3x World Champions, new and improved T1 are looking very strong coming into Worlds. Their summer split had its faults but with prep time, and a meta that favours creativity, they will be in a great spot to take the group if they perform.

Second but only by a hair, EDG could easily take the group if they show up. The reigning World Champions, they are looking no less strong this year, but the competition is fiercer. The top two in Group A are unlikely to change without T1 or EDG underperforming severely.

Third, but by a way, Cloud 9 have looked very strong this split. They took the LCS title with little competition, and Jensen is looking particularly on form at his 8th consecutive Worlds. They are still unproven internationally however, and will have to make a miracle happen to knock down T1 or EDG.

Fnatic's last place seems harsh, but they are almost level with Cloud 9. From Play-Ins it's evident that their individual skill is world-class, but their teamwork is sloppy. If Fnatic can play as a unit, they can contest the best, but we are yet to see anything but the Humanoid show so far.

Lol Worlds Group B - JDG, G2, Damwon, Evil Geniuses

Worlds Group B Pickems
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Group B at Worlds is also looking tough, though perhaps not as much of a death sentence as Group A. JDG looks almost untouchable, and is almost certain to take first. If any team can take a game off them, it will be a huge upset.

G2 Esports make second largely based on international experience. Caps and Jankos need no introduction, and can always be counted on to show up. The X factor here though is Targamas, who now in a creative meta can truly shine, and get serious work done on the map.

Damwon can certainly go toe to toe with G2, but will likely fall just short. The magic of years past doesn't seem present, with them only barely qualifying for Worlds. Canyon and Showmaker will certainly make an impact, but Nuguri will have to re-prove his worth for this team to shine.

Evil Geniuses may have beaten MAD in play-ins, but the standard in Group B will be a serious step up. They have looked shaky at times in Play-Ins as well as the LCS Playoffs, and the pedigree of their opponents is considerable.

Lol Worlds Group C - Top Esports, Rogue, DRX, GAM Esports

Worlds Pickems Group C
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Group C also looks contestable, but as with the others it will be a tough task. Top Esports are the only team to have gone toe-to-toe with JDG, and if Jackeylove can show up they will be in competition for the title. Even with mistakes in places, they look like a serious contender.

Rogue makes second in the group by a hair, largely due to their systematic dismantling of G2 in the LEC finals. Their drafting and creativity look on point coming into Worlds, and every player looks at their best.

DRX can certainly contest this group, and has looked untouched in play-ins. Zeka in particular has flown under the radar as a star player on the team, and looks on point. If they can keep their run going, they will be able to contend with the best at Worlds.

GAM Esports is very much a wildcard from the VCS, and almost entirely unproven against the other teams in the tournament. However, Saigon Buffalo showed glimpses of greatness in play-ins, so GAM could be a huge surprise in the group stage.

Lol Worlds Group D - GenG, RNG, CTBC Flying Oyster, 100Theives

Worlds Pickems Group D
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Group D has a clear top two, and any contest will certainly be an upset. GenG wiped the floor with T1 in the LCK finals, a rare feat, and look very strong right now. Especially with a scaling meta that always arises at Worlds, carries Ruler and Chovy will be in their element.

RNG makes second despite a small setback in Play-Ins. Their only loss was to DRX, and RNG is known for taking time to ramp up at Worlds. Their play-ins experience will certainly help their meta read, and their consistency will pay dividends if they can make it to the knockouts.

CTBC Flying Oyster was an unexpected entry into Worlds, defeating the eternal PCS reps PSG Talon and Beyond Gaming to take the playoffs title. They looked very strong regionally, which wins them points, but will have a tough task to contest the top of Group D.

100 Thieves looked decently strong in playoffs, but looked well short of Cloud 9. They face a tough group and will have to show a standard far above what they have before to be in with a shot.

That wraps up our predictions for the Worlds Group Stage Pickems, but check out our Worlds Teams Tier list for even more info on everyone competing.

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