LoL 13.4 COUNTDOWN - release time, date, patch notes & latest news

Alistar League of Legends

Alistar League of Legends

After a tumultuous start to the year that resulted in the LoL 13.2 patch getting scrapped, League of Legends is finally back to its regularly scheduled updates—it all starts with patch 13.4.

This patch mainly focuses on Riot securing the Season 13 meta as they're looking to balance range versus melee supports in the bottom lane, ensure more optimal jungle paths, look at early snowballing, and much more. Of course, there are tons of balancing and tuning for players to expect and new skins.

Knowing this, here's what's in store for LoL 13.4 as we count down to its release time.

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LoL 13.4 Release Time & Date

The LoL 13.4 update is set to release on Thursday, February 23, 2022. As always, players can expect League of Legends servers to go down for maintenance at 6 am EST before going live with the new update at 9 am EST.

For a more accurate timeframe, follow our countdown below to make sure you don't miss out on the fun!

LoL 13.4 Release Time

Once the patch is live, players will be able to enjoy numerous new skins, the new event, as well as plenty of buffs, nerfs, and overall changes from its patch notes.

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LoL 13.4 Patch Notes Highlights

As mentioned previously, although it experienced some unexpected changes, patch 13.4 will still bring on tons of changes.

Here's a rundown on the 13.4 patch notes:

  • Up to 20 total champions receive buffs, nerfs, or changes
  • Range versus Melee Support balancing
  • Item Changes
    • Doran's Shield, Spellthief’s Edge/ Spectral Sickle, Demonic Embrace,
  • Rune Changes
    • Change to Treasure Hunter
  • System Changes
    • Jungle Sustain/Clear Speed
    • Jungle Pet Nerfs
    • Experience on Champion Takedown Changes
  • Five New Skins
    • Additions to the Astronaut Line

LoL 13.4 Skins

Taking part in LoL 13.4 will be five brand-new skins, all taking part in the fan-favorite Astronaut skin line.

Champions such as Fizz, Ivern, Kennen, Xerath, and Singed will be joining all of their Astronaut comrades in a space adventure, donning their spacesuits and space helmets, topped off with retro-futuristic visuals with matching sound effects to boot.

Astronaut Ivern
expand image
Credit: Riot Games
SPACE-BOUND: "What a wonderful day to go to space"

From asteroids and lasers to UFOs, each skin has its own futuristic space flare that the players can expect from the line.

Official pricing for all three of these skins has yet to be announced, but as always, players can expect a ballpark range of 1350 RP to 1820 RP. It is expected that all skins cost 1350 RP.

For more information on the skins including animations, and more visit here.

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