LoL 12.23 Skins - Winterblessed Line, Ashen Knight Mordekaiser, Prices & More

LoL 12.23 Winterblessed Zoe

LoL 12.23 Winterblessed Zoe

Introduced to the patch cycle of League of Legends' final update of the year, LoL 12.23, is a batch of eight brand-new skins.

Mainly celebrating the holiday season, the skins look to embrace the cold winter months of the year in the new Winterblessed line. Additionally, the fourth and final addition the Ashen Knight skin line will be added.

Here's what you can expect from the new skins in LoL 12.23.

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New Winterblessed line and Ashen Knight skin arrive for LoL 12.23

Breaking a two-year drought to what normally is a yearly tradition of releasing new holiday or winter skins is the new Winterblessed line.

In addition, the Ashen Knight line will finally be concluded with a fourth and final addition.

Winterblessed Skins 2022

Perfectly in time to celebrate the holiday season is a set of seven brand-new winter skins whereupon champions like Diana, Zoe, Zilean, Shaco, Swain, and Warwick—who will also have his own Prestige Edition—are decked out from head to toe in wintertime wear.

Anything from thick jackets to knee-high boots perfect to walk in the snow is included, all to be topped off with smooth and cool wintertime colors. There are soothing purples and greens and soft themes and hues associated with the season giving the champions a mystical aura.

They will also be receiving their own set of animations and visual effects, further emphasizing a chilly look with some freezing sound effects to boot.

Information regarding on pricing has yet to be revealed. However, we expect most of these skins to cost 1350 RP with one of them reaching 1820 RP. Warwick's Prestige skin will then likely cost 2000 Prestige Points based on Riot's recent history.

Here are their animations courtesy of SkinSpotlights.

Winterblessed Zoe

Winterblessed Swain

Winterblessed Shaco

Winterblessed Zilean

Winterblessed Warwick

Prestige Winterblessed Warwick

Winterblessed Diana

Ashen Gravenknight Mordekaiser 2022

Alongside the new Winterblessed skins will be the fourth addition to the Ashen Knight skin line, Ashen Gravenknight Mordekaiser.

Giving Pyke, Pantheon, and Sylas company in the line, Mordekaiser doubled down on his darker side as the Iron Revenant. He'll boast even darker colors.

It's not confirmed if players will have to spend Mythic Essence on Mordekaiser's new skin but if past skins serve as any indication, players can expect to pay up to 100 ME in the in-game shop for it. It would also come with a new icon and a loading screen border.

Additionally, Ashen Gravenknight Mordekaiser will have a unique Chroma, Emberwoken Ashen Gravenknight Mordekaiser.

Here are their animations courtesy of SkinSpotlights.

Ashen Gravenknight Mordekaiser

Emberwoken Ashen Gravenknight Mordekaiser

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