LoL 11.22 Patch Notes Revealed: New Arcane Skins and major balance changes await

League of Legends Update 11.22 is the next major update to the game and it's set to bring some pretty interesting changes. You can find out all about it in the recently announced patch notes. Here's what you need to know so far.

Latest - 11.22 out tomorrow

11.22 finally launches tomorrow. You can check out the latest patch notes below for an idea of what you will see.

We'll update you right here with all the latest information as it goes live.

Release Date

The next League of Legends 11.22 update is going live on Wednesday, November 3, 2021, EST, just three days before the premiere of Arcane on Netflix.

League of Legends servers will go down for maintenance for LoL 11.22 around 6 am EST, with release time expected around 9 am EST.

UPDATED - LoL 11.22 Patch Notes

Today, LolDev on Twitter has revealed some more detailed patch notes for update 11.21. You can check them out down below:

These are the preliminary changes you can expect for the upcoming League of Legends 11.22 update, published by the Twitter Account of LOL developer: Phlox

Champion Buffs

These champions will be receiving buffs in LoL 11.22:


  • Riot revert the changes made in LOL 11.19
  • Empowered animation slow down up by 13%
  • Self Lockout Duration 0.375 seconds ⇒ 0.525 seconds (for both normal and empowered)


  • Hail of Arrows (E) AD ratio increased 60% ⇒ 90%


  • Ki Burst (W) damage increased 55-175 ⇒ 65-185
  • Valor (E) shield AD ratio increased from 100% ⇒ 120%

Kayn (Rhaast)

  • Reaping Slash (Q) ATK damage ratio increased 4%/100 attack damage ⇒ 6%/100 attack damage.
  • Umbral Trespass (R) max health ratio increased 10% ⇒ 15%.


  • Assassin's Mark (Passive) Damage increased from 29-170 (+40% AP) ⇒ 35-182 (+55% AP)


  • Rend (E) AD increased 60% ⇒ 70%

Champion Nerfs

These champions will be receiving nerfs in LoL 11.21:


  • Base HP lowered 590 ⇒ 520
  • HP per level increased 90 ⇒ 110
  • Edge of Ixtal (Q) damage lowered bonus AD lowered 90% ⇒ 80%
  • Audacity (E) damage changed 50-170 (+70% AP) ⇒ 50-210 (+60% AP)


  • Twisted Advance (W) damage decreased  70-230 ⇒ 60-220
  • Sap Magic (Passive) max health heal 7-15% ⇒ 5-15%.


  • New Destiny (Passive) Pellet crit damage lowered 30% ⇒ 20%


  • Taste Their Fear (Q) ratio increased 130% bonus attack damage ⇒ 115% bonus attack damage.
  • Taste Their Fear (Q) isolation ratio decreased 273% bonus AD ⇒ 241.5% bonus AD.


  • Zoomies (E) move speed ratio 10%/100 ability AP ⇒ 6%/100 AP.
  • Zoomies (E) Heal 70-210 (+40% AP) ⇒ 70-190 (+35% AP).

System Buffs

These systems are getting a bit stronger in the LoL 11.22 patch notes - an interesting change after their nerfs in LoL 11.21 and their strong showing at Worlds 2021.


  • Health 400 ⇒ 450 / Omnivamp 8% ⇒ 10%

New skins and Chibi Versions

LOL 11.22 will introduce a new series of skins called: Arcane based on the upcoming animated series with the same name.

The first two skins of the series are for Jayce and Vi. These skins seem to be part of the rewards of a special event in celebration of the World Premiere of Arcane, the Netflix Series.

Likewise, players are receiving in this update, this year victorious skin of Blitzcrank.

Riot is also releasing Chibi Champions skins for TFT which are cute, anime versions of three heroes: Jinx, Vi, and Ekko.

Pre-Season changes on the way

League of Legends 11.22 is the last patch before pre-season changes arrive. For players wondering what is coming to LOL, we have a summary of the Season 2022 new content.

Rune Changes

  • Glacial Augment - Now it will create slowing zones when you immobilize a champion, rather than just active items. When you immobilize an enemy, the rune will create three slowing zones.
  • The Lethal Tempo - It will increase the attack speed when auto-attacking a champion, stacks six times, granting increased attack range.
    • Attack Speed will cap up to 3.0
  • Prototype Omnistone - With the arrival of First Strike, developers are removing this Rune, considering it was never appealing for players.
  • New Rune: First Strike - is a new Inspiration Keystone that gives you a considerable advantage when striking an enemy champion first.

New Mythic Items

  • Tank Mythic Item: this new item will reward aggressive tactics.
  • Mage Mythic Item: This item will focus on increasing Mage's abilities, providing damage reduction.

New Legendary Items

  • Assassin Legendary Item: this item will provide ability haste and reduce Ultimate cooldowns after every elimination.
  • Tank Legendary Item: this item will benefit Tanks with low mana consumption.
  • Mage Legendary Item: This item will grant extra magic penetration against newly shielded enemies.

Comebacks: Bounties and Runes

  • Objective Bounties: Teams will have better chances of recovering from significant disadvantages focusing on obtaining objectives.

New Dragons

  • Hextech Dragon gives teams increased ability haste and attack speed when they kill it.
    • Creates Hextech Gates that can teleport players to a different location on the map.
  • The Chemtech Drake
    • It gives teams increased damage when they kill it.
    • Transforms players into a zombie state, allowing them to keep fighting and cast abilities for a few seconds.

These changes are now being tested in PBE and coming to live servers on November 19, 2021

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