LoL 11.19 Patch Notes: Patch Preview details released

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Another League of Legends patch is on the way, version 11.19, and we've been treated to the preview, which includes the first draft of the patch notes.

Below, we've got everything you need to know about what's coming in the update and when it will go live in-game.

LoL 11.19 Patch Notes

The patch preview was revealed on Twitter, and @JeevunSidhu had the following to say about what's included.

This is the second of two Worlds-focused patches. Given that we won't have any more opportunities to change the game, we aimed quite conservatively here. No huge swings anywhere.
While we thought there was a chance his overall win rate would go down in 11.18, we felt that there was a good chance we would even out his MMR skew in the process. This did not happen - his MMR skew was aggravated. Consequently, we opted for a full revert.

You can then see the full list of patch notes, which features champion buffs and nerfs, in his tweet. They're pretty complex, so it's best you check them out there.

Five Champions have been nerfed in LoL 11.19, while another 15 have been buffed, each in different ways of course.

Update Release Date & Time

Unfortunately, you've still got a little wait until the patch actually goes live in League of Legends.

The patch schedule was revealed a little while ago, so we've known for a while that the LoL 11.19 patch will go love at roughly 9am EST on September 22nd, after a period of server maintenance kicking off at 6am EST.

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We'll keep you updated with any delays or additional patch notes, so keep checking back with us.

As for the skins and other things being added with LoL 11.19, we're not sure on those quite yet.

We'll know more when the full patch notes are finalised, which will probably be in the days running up to the release of the patch.

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