LEC and EU Masters to expand to Turkey and EMEA for 2023



The LEC is undergoing some huge changes for the 2023 season, which will change how fans around the World watch their favourite teams. New organisations have entered the fray, and there's much more coming.

With a massively revamped format, teams will now play more games, with best-of-3 and 5 series being the key focus. The region is also expanding, however, so here's everything you need to know about what's changing.

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LEC Expansion for 2023

The LEC is expanding to represent an even larger audience, as we enter the second decade of competitive league of Legends in Europe. The league will now represent the pinnacle of competition in Europe, as well as other minor regions.

The TCL, CIS, and MENA regions will now be rolled into the LEC, and a new dedicated Turkish broadcast is added to the roster. This will give the European League an even wider talent pool.

The League will also likelly absorb the Worlds slot currently held by the TCL, which means that 4 teams from Europe will be sent to Worlds every year.

EU Masters and ERL Changes

As the minor regions are rolled into the European region, each will now have its own European Regional League, bringing the total to 13. They will compete alongside the LFL and LVP, among others, for a spot in EU Masters.

LEC EMEA Masters
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EU Masters will in turn rebrand as the EMEA masters, and will represent the best that the ERLs have to offer. The LEC will benefit hugely from even more players vying for the coveted spots in the League.

The EMEA masters will also now have a dedicated Turkish Broadcast in addition to the current languages. For information on all the format changes, click here.

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