League of Legends Twitch Champion Guide: Strategy, Runes, Build Paths, and More

Have you ever stumbled into the League of Legends bottom lane feeling completely alone? Just to be met with the shrill voice that says "Oh, hello!"? We have too.

Twitch, otherwise known as the Plague Rat, is a brilliant ADC with a unique playstyle. Proper positioning and timing are key to him becoming the carry of the game. However, a good support will also help him excel.

Let's look at the Plague Rat himself. His strategies, runes, build paths and more!

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Strategies for Twitch

Twitch's early game is very weak as his burst potential is lacking. Early team fights will really put Twitch behind in the laning phase of League of Legends.

After the laning phase has finished, team fighting will be where it's at. Whether it's for objectives or saving a stuck ally, this is where Ambush is key for Twitch. Spray and Pray and Contamination are the best for racking up kills.

DPS is Twitch's forte. If the early and mid-game has gone well, then twitch is ready for high-speed attacks. Hitting the enemy closest to you is the best way not to get caught out as an ADC.


As stated before, Twitch is a DPS god. This is why the only true rune path for him is with Lethal Tempo. Presence of Mind is also brilliant for him to make sure he has the mana to put out abilities.

Twitch runes for League of Legends
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Legend: Alacrity is also brilliant for increasing that attack speed. However, pairing this with Coup de Grace is brilliant to poke and get those League of Legends kills.

Secondary rune paths will see most players run Taste of Blood and Treasure Hunter. One to help with health and the other to help with wealth.

Twitch build paths

Kraken Slayer really is still as strong as before. Additionally, it is a key item for Twitch to add to his kit. Pairing this with The Blade of the Ruined King means that a lot of damage will be put out.

Twitch items from League of Legends
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Items such as Runaan's Hurricane is also brilliant as his auto attacks can split into different enemies. Keeping up with the high damage list is also Infinity Edge, just make sure to buy this when you hit a 60% crit chance.

Best supports for Twitch

One of the most underrated supports, Lulu is queen when it comes to Twitch. Their synergy rivals any duo players, even in high ELO. The passivity that comes from playing with a Lulu keeps the Twitch safe until that engage is needed.

Yuumi is also another brilliant pick for the ADC, Twitch's camouflage means that Yuumi will also go invisible. pair this with a sneaky gank and perfect Yuumi ult? You've got yourself a double kill.

Nami is another brilliant support for this ADC. Nami's E really helps Twitch stack his passive. It empowers Twitch's basic attacks and slows, which means the less mobile champion is able to catch up to enemies.

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