League of Legends: How to get and use Riot Points

A key component of many MOBA's is the ability to spend points earned in-game to access skins, icons or emotes.

League of Legends has various currencies that all contribute to updating a player's cosmetic collection. The two biggest currencies are Riot points and blue essence.

Blue essence is earned through playing games, opening boxes, levelling up or opening capsules. Most things in the store can be purchased by blue essence but the lower amount of Riot points needed is a tempting offer for those wanting the latest Seraphine skin.

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How can players get Riot points?

Riot points can only be purchased through the store or rewarded in prime gaming capsules. This makes Riot points have a rarity that is not possible with the universality that comes from gaining blue essence.

Riot Points amounts and prices
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Riot points can also be gifted via physical gift cards and are often a successful present at Christmas time.

How to spend Riot points?

Riot points can be spent on most things within the store. Champions, skins, icons, the lot. They offer a speedier paid option to improve appearances and flex on the enemies.

Box showing a purchase of the champion Zac from League of Legends
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When selecting an item you want to purchase. Simply select the Riot point option instead of blue essence, and granted you have enough, your new item will appear in your inventory!

The prices for Riot points increase with the amount of them that you require. £5 will bring 790 RP which is about enough to purchase the ADC Miss Fortune. £50 of RP equates to 7900 with an extra 700 RP as well... enough to get you 10 Miss Fortunes.

Saving Riot points for when your personal shop arrives is a useful tactic that will get you skins for your most played champs at a fraction of the price

What are the differences between Riot points and Blue essence?

Unlike blue essence which is rewarded through grinding, riot points have to be purchased through the store. This allows for a faster method of getting the spiciest skins, even if it comes at a price.

The ways in which blue essence can be grinded reduce any stigma that LoL is a pay-to-win game and creates an accessible environment for anyone to engage with.

Riot points are key to developing your appearance in LoL and are a useful currency to know how to use.

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