LoL Skin Releases in 2023 - developers reveal plans for future skins

Star Guardian Senna from League of Legends

Star Guardian Senna from League of Legends

League of Legends developers have revealed some information in their recent developer blog about what players should expect in 2023.

This includes some MSU updates, changes to blind pick and of course, what the next few sets of skins will be.

Many players in the community will be happy to hear that some of the new skins coming to the game are Star Guardian!

Senna, Seraphine, and Orianna will all be getting some star guardian skins which match perfectly to their personality.

Additionally, Redeemed Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan will also be coming to the game!

But, that's not all! Riot has also revealed some other skins which are expected to come to the game this year.

So, let's look at all of the skin announcements revealed in the developer blog for League of Legends 2023.

Star Guardians Return

Star Guardians are one of the most loved skin lines in League of Legends due to their upbeat nature and colours.

League of Legends Orianna
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With many female champions getting this skin line, it looks like something right out of an anime.

And the next batch of champions to get some new skins in this line are...

  • Star Guardian Senna
  • Star Guardian Orianna
  • Star Guardian Seraphine
  • Redeemed Star Guardian Xayah
  • Redeemed Star Guardian Rakan

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Udyr, Shyvana, and Dr Mundo Get New Mystery Skin

The announcement of new skins being added in 2023 was a cryptic hint at the next set of skins.

The developers stated that Udyr, Shyvana, and Dr Mundo would all be receiving a skin in this new line.

Dr Mundo skin in League of Legends
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Unfortunately, we do not yet know what exactly this skin will be or how it will look.

Further updates about this information will be put into this article.

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League of Legends and Wild Rift

There have been some disgruntled community members who feel that the Wild Rift skins are much better than the PC version.

However, developers of League of Legends also announced that some skins from Wild Rift will be joining the PC version.

They have not yet been confirmed as to what skins will be coming.

But, this is exciting for those who play LoL on both platforms.

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