LoL Upcoming MSU Release Schedule - Skarner, Neeko, Ivern, and more

Ivern from League of Legends

Ivern from League of Legends

League of Legends developers have revealed some updates to the community and in this were some MSU announcements.

MSU or mid-scope updates are given to champions who need an extra bit of love.

This is done by changing or updating their abilities, animations, visual effects, or sound effects.

But, unlike VGU's these updates don't change a champion's model, voiceovers, or lore.

So, as developers begin to reduce the number of champions released, it only makes sense that there will be more MSUs.

Champions being updated this year have definitely been left in the dark.

So, let's look at a schedule for MSU releases this year and what players should expect to see updated in League of Legends.

League of Legends MSU Release Schedule

Here are all of the champions getting MSU's this year and what to expect from them.


Rell from League of Legends
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Rell's development with her MSU is well underway and her main goals to achieve are now set.

Riot devs really wanted to ensure that the difference between mounted and dismounted could be noticeable.

However, they also wanted Rell to increase the ways in which she can engage besides using her W ability.

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Neeko from League of Legends
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Neeko's MSU is nearly completed after waiting for what feels like a millennium.

There have been numerous leaks of information about Neeko including her ability to turn into any object in the game.

Riot Games then confirmed this. So, players should expect some more risky plays being pulled off with the curious chameleon.

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Ivern MSU

Ivern from League of Legends
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Ivern is definitely a champion who is deserving of an MSU this year and now Riot has officially revealed this!

The release for this will come out after Rell and Neeko with a focus on improving his ultimate, Daisy.

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League of Legends Updates for Skarner

Skarner from League of Legends
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Skarner has also been revealed with a new VGU released this year.

A VGU is slightly different from an MSU but still will see the scorpion get some big upgrades.

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