LoL Season 13 - Rell rework release date, details, and more

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League of Legends Rell's long-awaited mid-scope update will soon be in the live game.

Finally, Rell fans can rejoice as the champion will hopefully rise to her former glory.

Her place in the meta for the game has always been a bit out of proportion, despite her frequent wins upon release.

However, the professional world took to Rell pretty quickly and she was seen in many tournaments.

But, Riot Games are looking to boost her so that the casual player base can try her again.

So, let's look at the mid-scope update for Rell in League of Legends season 13.

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What Changes are Coming to Rell?

The biggest issue with Rell's kit was outlined by Ryan "Reav3" Morales who stated this...

"As we started to balance the champ much later in development we found that her speed in her horse form would cause her optimal play to constantly leave her lane partner behind and just roam the whole game."

The RIot developer working on Rell, Stephen "Raptorr" Auker shared some more guidance on what to expect in a tweet.

So, it's looking like Rell will have some changes made to her transformation.

Perhaps some nerf to her movement speed will mean that teammates aren't biting her dust.

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Rell Rework Leaks

Very subtle leaks about her rework have been circulating for the last three months or so.

Supposedly, most of her abilities will stay similar to before.

However, her W has been leaked to turn into a Ferromancer's Vow, making her unstoppable.

Additionally, it's been leaked that her E will become her old ultimate. Making way for a brand-new ability.

Rell Rework Release Date

There is not yet an official release date for Rell's mid-scope update.

However, there has been some official information about when fans should expect the changes.

Early in 2023, season 13 is when the Rell changes will go live.

A tweet from @RiotAugust also outlined some other news about other champion changes.

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