LoL Patch 12.22b Patch Notes - New items drastically nerfed for new meta

League of Legends preseason 2023 has begun and all of the new items, changes, and recommendations have arrived.

So far, this has been met with mixed responses but many players find the new UI distracting.

However, the most glaring issue currently is the items which are so brutally overpowered and need nerfs.

There have also been some champion balances so that the current meta isn't too drastic from last season.

A summary of the patch notes for the season balance update has been released.

So, let's take a look at the patch notes for patch 12.2b in League of Legends and how these will affect players.

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Patch 12.2b League of Legends Patch Notes

The patch notes for this smaller balancing update have not yet been fully revealed.

However, the highlights and summary of these notes have been revealed by Matt Leung Harrison @RiotPhroxzon.

An official Tweet from his account showed the highlights to be expected in this small patch.

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Champion Buffs in League of Legends

These champions will be receiving a buff in this upcoming patch.

League of Legends Ivern
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  • Ivern
  • Kindred
  • Amumu
  • Maokai
  • Rammus
  • Shaco

These buffs have not yet been fully revealed.

However, we can expect these champions to get some big buffs in time for the new meta.

Item Buffs and Nerfs

So, Jak'Sho, Radiant Virtue, and Rod of Ages are all lined up to have some buffs in League of Legends too.

Additionally, Ravenous Hydra will be getting a nerf which will be a hit to those AoE champions in-game.

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