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League of Legends: Jungle Changes in 2023 Preseason

The jungle in League of Legends has always been a place of solitude... unless you've been invaded of course.

However, the role has become even more lonely as many players avoid the role. The difficulty of micro and macro managing everything makes the position a very tricky one to be in. This is why the popularity of the role has dwindled. Riot Games are seeking to change that with new jungle changes to make the jungle more accessible. This feels appropriate with the latest Udyr changes too.

So, let's take a look at the official proposed changes by Riot Games and where it leaves junglers.

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Why have these changes been made in League of Legends?

Riot Games have noticed that players are avoiding the jungle role. This is due to the number of things that must be watched in order to be successful. Described as the 'punching bag of the team', it's hard to be a jungler in 2022.

This is why the changes being made will help with how accessible the role is. Helping new junglers and older junglers to remember all elements of the role.

Adding jungle pathing aids

League of Legends jugnler poathing
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One of the trickiest parts of the jungling process is remembering a clearing path. Riot is aware of this and is actively creating a system where junglers can have reminders. Similar to recommended items, a junglers pathing aid will change the difficulty.

Leashing assistance

Ask a top laner to leash and you will get a grumbled 'okay.'. This is also being changed in the jungle adjustments. The dev team want to adjust the way that camps leash. This means changing their ranges and resetting rules. Giving laners enough time to stumble back for those first three minions.

Wider champion viabilities

Akali jungle League of Legends
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This change would come from having pathing aids. More champions would become viable if that help scheme is there in the first place. Riot Games want to move towards a jungle meta which is more flexible than it is now.

Ways to communicate

Communication with a bunch of randoms in your team can get very frustrating. However, the one role that actively loses from bad comms is the jungle role. Proactive communication is the most useful asset for junglers and they just aren't getting it. So, Riot wants to add more ways for the jungle to communicate with their team clearly.

Jungle items

Sated Devourer pup from League of Legends
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Excitement has been lost in the jungle starter item builds. Riot Games want to bring back an older feature within Sated Devourer and include pets! The initial plan is to slowly raise and feed a pet until they can empower the jungler. Sated Devourer was a brilliant addition to the game, so many fans are gonna be jumping for joy at this announcement.

The final design or mechanics have not yet been figured out. however, they are in the designing and testing stages as we speak.

The jungle is about to become a place of fun as we move forward with these changes. So, get gaming and don't forget to thank your jungler.

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