LoL: Miss Fortune Nerfed Hours After Patch 12.17 Release

League of Legends patch 12.17 was released yesterday and the dev team already released a hotfix to reverse the Miss Fortune buff.

The LoL team decided to try and buff Miss Fortune to fix some issues with her random build styles.

However, this soon began to have some really bad effects on players' games and was quickly reverted.

So, let's take a look at the buffs and nerfs, why Miss Fortune was so strong and more.

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Miss Fortune buffs

Her buff in patch 12.17 of League of Legends altered her Q to have higher damage.

Despite being her strongest ability in-game, it feels like a strange move to buff such a powerful ability.

Her W's mana cost was reduced by ten but also increased attack speed by a much greater percentage.

Miss FOrtune patch 12.17 buff for League of Legends
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Her E, Make it Rain was also increased to do more damage to allies as well as her slow being increased.

These changes bode well for players who like to build Miss Fortune with AD items. Additionally, the increased slow is always nice for hitting a Comet.

However, the buffed abilities were just too strong and she had to have a nerf released... and fast.

The MF hotfix in patch 12.17

Hours after the League of Legends patch was released, Riot Games realised their mistakes and quickly released a hotfix to correct this.

Her W attack speed dropped back down to... 40/55/70/85/100% and the mana cost was reset back to 45.

The League of Legends community feel that Riot has missed some of the vital issues with Miss Fortune as her Q stays the same.

With her damage climbing from patch 12.17, Miss Fortune is very viable for Worlds 2022.

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