Neeko Mid-Scope Update Delayed as Lol Season 13 Nears

Neeko lol

Neeko lol

Season 13 is just around the corner in League of Legends, but Riot are still rolling out updates to our favourite champions. The Syndra mid-scope update is live now and has been very well received by Syndra mains and newbies alike.

Neeko is next up for an overhaul, with changes which will hopefully bring her back into the meta in Solo Queue and Pro-Play alike. Here's everything we know so far about what's coming.

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Neeko Mid Scope Changes

Unfortunately, the changes coming to Neeko are still very much under wraps. Designed as a bot lane mage, Neeko has been flexed to mid lane, support, and top lane. She famously saw a lot of play as an on-hit AD top lane in pro play in 2020.

The aim with these changes is to keep with the theme of the champion, while maintaining her flexibility. Expect her unique Ultimate to stay similar, with changes to her surrounding kit.

Syndra saw a full rework to her passive in her mid-scope, which then synergised with her kit at large. Expect a mild rework to Neeko's passive as well, while the camouflage theme remains.

Neeko Update Release Date

Sadly for Neeko fans, the mid-scope update has been delayed a little from its previous release date. She's still a while out just yet, as the team at Riot are very keen to get the details right.

Expect to get the brand new Neeko before the year is out though, as when Season 13 is released we can be sure the dev team will look to revive a whole new set of champs.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the League of Legends PBE, as any changes to champions will be live there for testing before they hit the main servers.

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