LoL Jax Mid-Scope Update - full list of champion changes ANNOUNCED

League of Legends Jax and Rell were announced recently to be next in line for a mid-scope update.

Jax has been a champion who has been needing some major changes for a while now.

And the community couldn't be any happier with Riot's decision to change the champion.

Falling off the meta for a long while, there once was a time when Jax reigned supreme.

However, Riot Games have now officially revealed the changes coming to the jungler in patch 13.1.

So, let's take a look at the new and improved Jax coming in his mid-scope update in League of Legends patch 13.1.

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Jax Updates Revealed

The Lead Champion Designer at League of Legends, August browning gave fans an insight into what the new Jax will feel like.

AP Jax returning is one of the most exciting things to read about here.

His ultimate ability is also being spruced up to make him feel more satisfying to play.

Hopefully, these changes will bring Jax mains some more joy and increase his play rate too.

Jax Changed Abilities in League of Legends

Here is a list of all of the changes coming to the jungle main.

Relentless Assualt (Passive): Jax's consecutive basic attacks continuously increase his attack speed.

Q: Leap Strike

AP Ratio: 60% >>> removed

W: Empower

No changes

E: Counter Strike

Damage: 55-155 (+50% bonus attack damage [AD]) physical damage >> 55-175+ 4% max health (+100% AP) magic damage

Damage bonus per attack dodged: 20% of total damage >> 20% of base damage

R: Grandmaster’s Might


Damage: 100/140/180 (+ 70% AP) >>> 100-150 (+60% AP)

Added VFX and SFX when the passive attack is ready

New Active (with new animation and VFX)

Jax swings his lantern around him, dealing 150-350 (+100% AP) magic damage to nearby enemies. If he hits a champion he gains 10-40 (+.1 Bonus AD) armor and magic resist, plus 14-22 (+.1 Bonus AD) per champion hit for the next 8 seconds. During this time the passive damage applies every 2nd attack instead of every 3rd.

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