LoL Halloween- Best League of Legends Halloween Themed Skins

League of Legends Halloween skins for 2022 have already been unleashed.

However, the past years in the game have been brilliant for exciting and well-designed skins for all champions.

Some of the best out there include previous Halloween skins which are played with no matter what time of year it is.

So, let's take a look at the best Halloween skins in League of Legends that have been released so far.

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League of Legends best Halloween skins

Let's take a look at the best Halloween skins that have been released so far.

Nosferatu Vladimir

Nosferatu Vladimir in League of Legends
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Vladimir's whole design is based on the stereotypical vampire.

With figures such as Dracula, Morbius, and of course, Nosferatu to admire, it makes perfect sense for this skin to exist.

Fright Night Annie

Fright Night Annie in League of Legends
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A cute little teddy bear-holding child can't be a good champion for a Halloween skin, right?


Annie brings around Wednesday Addams vibes with more of a focus on fire to match her in-game abilities.

Also taking inspiration from the 'Don't Starve' games, Riot made her look fiendishly mischievous.

League of Legends Headless Hecarim skin

Headless Hecarim in League of Legends
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Headless Hecarim plays on the trope of the headless horseman, made popular by Sleepy Hollow.

With a pumpkin for a head and flames galore, Hecarim pulls off this Halloween skin perfectly.

This skin came from the trick-or-treat set released way back in 2012.

Little Devil Teemo

Little Devil Teemo in League of Legends
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Teemo has a pretty horrific atmosphere when he is in-game already.

So, a little devil skin fits his general aura perfectly and makes for the perfect Halloween skin.

For those of us who have had the misfortune of playing against him? We stand united.

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