LoL Halloween: Bewitching Skins Release Date, Price, Champions, and More

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League of Legends Halloween event has been announced by revealing new Bewitching skins for the game.

However, it seems that witches have come a long way since being burnt at the stake.

Now they are such a huge part of popular culture and once again, Riot Games are using their image for Halloween.

A bunch of new champions have skins added to this line in 2022.

So, let's take a look at all of the Halloween skins, the prices, and the release date for the Bewitching skins in League of Legends Halloween.

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Bewitching skins release date

We know that these League of Legends skins will be released in patch 12.20.

This patch is released on October 19 2022. However, we should be expecting the skins to drop the day after this.

So, October 20 2022 is the date that Halloween fans should keep their eyes open for these haunting Halloween skins.

League of Legends skins price

Riot has officially revealed that the Bewitching skins will all be epic skins. This means that their cost will at least be hitting 1,350 RP.

Additionally, the change with these Halloween skins is that none of them will be prestige due to the prestige Worlds skins released.


There are five new League of Legends champions who will be receiving skins in this Bewitching line.

League of Legends bewitching skin
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These include...

  • Bewitching Cassiopeia
  • Bewitching Neeko
  • Bewitching LeBlanc
  • Bewitching Senna
  • Bewitching Anivia

So, Neeko's curious disposition of course would lead her onto the trail of black magic.

Looking at the list of champions included, it would be great to get a Bewitching skin for Vayne too. maybe next year, eh?

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