League of Legends Free Champion Rotation

In League of Legends, there are constantly 16 free champions for anybody to play and learn. Usually, this benefits noobs who are testing out what champions they engage most with, but it can also help seasoned players to learn as well.

Each Tuesday these 16 champions are rotated, by Riot, to show different champions within the game. This brilliant addition to the game allows summoners to test champions, roles and even playstyles.

However, the free champions can only be reached until you reach level 11. So a little bit of grinding is required before having access to free champions for a week.

What champions are in this week's pool?

These champions are included in this week's free pool:

High damage and mobility
Takes a while to get into the game
Good CC for an ADC
Slow attack speed
Good Mobility
Struggles against ranged champions
Extremely tanky
Needs items to dive
Miss Fortune
Great teamfight potential
Her ult is a channel so it can be cancelled
Good hook engage
Low mobility
Very low health pool
Strong ultimate
Great poke
No escape
High mobility
Positioning is hard to get used to
Good roaming
Cannot last when in a teamfight for too long
Very good at ganking with his stun
Can easily be counter-jungled
Very good at farming
Mechanically intensive
Very good CC
Hard to gank without lane CC
His ult is a nice engage
Can be easily kited
Has good sustain
Mana issues with his ult
Useful heal
Extremely dependent on teammates

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Who are the best champions from the line-up?

Top lane

Totemic Maokai
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Champions such as Kled, Maokai, Rengar, and Sett could all be used in the top lane. However, Kled and Maokai differ very much from Rengar and Sett. Kled and Maokai both are extremely tanky champions who are able to stay in lane to farm and poke. However, Rengar is very squishy and if positioned incorrectly, could be struggling against a tankier enemy, such as Sion.


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In the line-up, champions such as Rammus, Sejuani and Rengar are all viable as junglers. All three possess great ganking abilities, even if Sejuani's is obviously weaker, which helps to aid teammates. Rengar's jungle clear is also very strong right now.

Mid lane

Neeko lOl
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Neeko, Pantheon, and Qiyana are champions in the free rotation which can be used in the mid-lane. This is due to their abilities to push for objectives (such as Dragon or Rift), roam to other lanes, and apply lane pressure in a 1v1.


Miss Fortune Crimecity skin
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The ADC role means Attack Damage Champion. Pretty straightforward huh? Maybe not so much. With champions such as Jhin, Miss Fortune, and Ezreal seeming obvious picks for the role, other champions such as Swain, Rengar, and Pantheon have taken on the ADC role due to them fitting these criteria.


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Maokai, Swain, Nautilus, Neeko, Pantheon, and Yuumi are all extremely viable in this week's rota for the support role. CC is a very important factor for support which is a good section of each of these champions' kits. Providing buffs for allies is also important, and with champions like Yuumi, sometimes it feels like that's all she does.

With the new rotations of champions released today, many early summoners will be testing themselves to see what they can achieve with these new champions.

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