League of Legends: Renata Glasc Champion Guide in 2022

Renata Glasc, otherwise known as the Chem Baronness, is the epitome of utility supports. With her high damage output, stun mechanic, and berserk ability, she ties the team together with a variety of abilities to support her teammates.

Not only does Riot's design send shivers down the enemies' backs, but her lane dominance allows ADCs to get the edge in the early game, providing a secure win.

Sounding good so far, right? Well, let's do a deep dive into the finer details and see just how much chem is needed to make her tick.

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Her Lore

The perfect businesswoman clad in a power suit, the female drug baron has had a tricky past which she avoids by building her own business empire.

Her parents inspired her business by being ambitious alchemical researchers which spurred her to become the wealthiest chem baron in Zaun. Despite such an intimidating demeanour, her business life tends to avoid the violence associated with Zaun as she manipulates her workers into submission.

She has many associations with Zaun champions such as Viktor, who after being expelled returned to Zaun where Renata funded his augmentation research. She also hired Ekko's parents who worked under awful conditions. Zeri proved to be a nuisance for the development of her industry as well as she frequently sought to sabotage Glasc's operations.

Renata Glasc and Sevika
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There have been many fan stipulations that Renata is actually Sevika from Netflix's hit spin-off LoL show, Arcane. However, there are several factors regarding Glasc's mechanical arm that do not tie in with the arm that Seviko has.

Her Abilities

Renata Glasc has an array of different abilities. Her passive, Leverage, involved marking enemies by auto-attacking them. When damaging enemies with a mark bonus damage is done to provide a better engage for their ADC.

Glasc's Q ability, Handshake, is CC. She fires out her mechanical arm which roots a champion to their position. If Q is pressed again, then the rooted enemy will be flung in a chosen direction and if that direction has their ally in it? They become stunned.

Renata's W ability, Bailout, is the most interesting within her kit and many fans have stated that this should be her ultimate due to its game-changing nature of it. Bailout works by initially giving allies a bonus movement and attack speed which is refreshed if a kill is won. However, if the ally dies during this speed boost, then they are revived to full health for three seconds. In these three seconds, they are burning but the ally can stop the burn by getting a kill or assist and stay alive.

Renata Glasc's abilities
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Loyalty Program, her E ability, fires rockets at enemies which damages them. But if the rockets pass through an ally on their journey then the ally is shielded.

Her ultimate ability, Hostile Takeover, will see enemy teams turning against each other as chem trails force them to go Berserk and fight each other. If there are no allies nearby, then the affected champion will fight neutral targets, then the enemy team and finally Renata herself.

Her abilities portray her powerful nature with the huge damage bursts and hard CC, a powerful foe to face who brings fear to the bottom lane.

Build Paths

With Renata's enchanter abilities, many people choose to build her with similar runes such as Summon Aery with Scorch.

Enchanter runes for Renata Glasc
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However, Renata's mana costs are not something that runes would need to fix. Due to the strength within her abilities, many players build her with full tank runes in order to ensure she stays alive for as long as possible to help her team.

Tank runes for Renata Glasc in LoL
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Strengths and Weaknesses

Renata Glasc provides a variety of different abilities that make her a versatile champion. She works very well in team fights due to the nature of her ultimate and Q ability which can bring allies closer to the action and pick them off. She also is strong in the early game but can still scale throughout which makes her a brilliant all-rounder.

Despite her ruthless nature, Renata can be quite squishy in the early stages of the game, this is why building her tank is very popular. Her difficulty also comes into question as positioning can be a little strange to figure out.


Her abilities are very specific and can only be used in very specific situations. This adds an element of difficulty to her but also means that the summoner must take extra focus to look at the enemy bot lane's positioning.

She provides value to team fights by staying alive in order to put out her strong abilities. The tanky rune path means that she must be played in an aggressive way in order to propel her team to the win and get that damage out there in the early game.

Despite her role as an enchanter support, Renata's abilities and lore bring a much darker side to the springy and upbeat likes of Lux or Lulu. Her world is encapsulated in her business and as everyone eventually comes to her side? Why not.

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