League of Legends Avatar Creator brings summoners right into Arcane

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League of Legends is heading toward the massive Preseason for 2022, and while LoL 11.23 is up next, the newly released Avatar Creator is what's really exciting players today.

Here's all you need to know about the League of Legends Avatar Creator, your options to build your own avatar, and how you can use this avatar in the future.

Release Date

The Avatar Creator went live in League of Legends on Friday, November 12th.

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The League of Legends Avatar Creator has come as somewhat of a surprise but celebrates the launch of the animated series Arcane on Netflix. Arcane has arrived to overwhelmingly positive reviews, so players can expect to see more content inspired by the show in-game.

Riot hasn't confirmed whether the new feature will be permanent or temporary.

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Avatar Creator Options

The League of Legends Avatar Creator is packed with customization options including many game-inspired cosmetics like Singed's gas tank, Heimerdinger's glasses, and more items showcasing the fashion of different regions. These options allow Summoners to jump right into Runeterra.

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Many will be disappointed to see that Avatar Creator goes no further than simply creating a character to share with friends, rather than for any in-game use as your Summoner Icon or TFT avatar. Riot encourages sharing your Avatar on Twitter and Instagram with #MyLeagueLook.

Beyond this, though, we'll soon see if Riot has any future plans for Avatars or the Avatar Creator, as nothing's clear just yet.

Unlockable Cosmetics Coming?

League of Legends has plenty of unlockable content from the very beginning of player's journeys. With tons of this content being cosmetic, it's possible we see unlockable extras for the Avatar Creator in the future.

If Riot plans to expand on the use of your LoL Avatar - cosmetics are very likely to follow along, whether purchasable or unlockable through gameplay.

In the meantime, though, the tool is a creative way to come up with a unique new character in the League of Legends universe, and something we'd encourage Riot to create more of around Arcane while players wait for the Second Act to arrive.

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