*UPDATED* LoL 11.23 Patch Notes: Release Date, Preseason 2022, Arcane & Balance Changes in League of Legends

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League of Legends 11.23 will mark the debut of the first changes of Preseason 2022.

With these changes, Riot celebrates the premiere of their Netflix Animated Series Arcane by bringing cosmetics inspired by the show and a big in-game event.

Here is everything we know about the upcoming arrival of LoL 11.23.

League of Legends 11.23: Release Date for Next Update

The League of Legends 11.23 update arrives on Wednesday, November 17, 2021.

Servers will go down for maintenance around 6 am EST, while the actual update will go live around 9 am EST.

Preseason 2022 Changes

Players will get to experiment with these Preseason 2022 changes arriving with the League of Legends 11.23 patch.

Riot Games has noted that as there are still final touches to be done, there could be additional tuning to these changes based on testing ahead of the update's release.

Rune Changes

  • Glacial Augment - Now it will create slowing zones when you immobilize a champion, rather than just active items. When you immobilize an enemy, the rune will create three slowing zones.
  • The Lethal Tempo - It will increase the attack speed when auto-attacking a champion, stacks six times, granting increased attack range.
    • Attack Speed will cap up to 3.0
  • Prototype Omnistone - With the arrival of First Strike, developers are removing this Rune, considering it was never appealing for players.
  • New Rune: First Strike - is a new Inspiration Keystone that gives you a considerable advantage when striking an enemy champion first.

New Mythic Items

  • Tank Mythic Item - this new item will reward aggressive tactics.
  • Mage Mythic Item - This item will focus on increasing Mage's abilities, providing damage reduction.

New Legendary Items

  • Assassin Legendary Item - this item will provide ability haste and reduce Ultimate cooldowns after every elimination.
  • Tank Legendary Item - this item will benefit Tanks with low mana consumption.
  • Mage Legendary Item - This item will grant extra magic penetration against newly shielded enemies.

Comebacks: Bounties and Runes

  • Objective Bounties - Teams will have better chances of recovering from significant gold disadvantages focusing on obtaining objectives:
    • Baron/Elder Dragon – 500g
    • Dragon/Rift Herald – 500g
    • Outer Turret – 250g
    • Inner Turret – 400g
    • Base turret – 400g

The amount of gold can be increased up to 60%, depending on the game situation.

New Dragons

  • Hextech Dragon
    • It gives teams increased ability haste and attack speed when they kill it.
    • Creates Hextech Gates that can teleport players to a different location on the map.
  • The Chemtech Drake
    • It gives teams increased damage when they kill it.
    • Transforms players into a zombie state, allowing them to keep fighting and cast abilities for a few seconds.

LATEST - LOL 11.23 Patch Notes

League of Legends developers announced no changes in champions, focusing on this patch in the Pre-season 2022 new content.

However, there are several changes for items in the current PBE. These are a highlight the most significant changes.

Doran's Ring

  • Passive Removed - Siphon
  • Passive Added - Drain: Restore 0.75 Mana every second. Damaging an enemy champion increases this amount to 1.25 Mana every second for 10 seconds.
    • If you can't gain mana, restore 50% of the value as Health instead.

Zeke's Convergence

  • Passive damage lowered: 30 - 70 (based on level + 1.5% Health + 7.5% Ability Power ⇒ 30 - 70 (based on level)

Sunfire Aegis

  • Combine cost increased - 600 ⇒700
  • Armor increased - 30 ⇒ 35
  • MR increased - 30 ⇒ 35
  • Passive damage increased - 12 - 30 based on level + 1% bonus Health ⇒ 20 - 40 (based on level) + 1% bonus Health]
  • Mythic Passive: Grants all other Legendary items 5% Tenacity and Slow Resist and 50 Health.

Knight's Vow

  • Base health regen lowered - 300% ⇒ 150%
  • Passive changed - "Sacrifice: While your Worthy ally is nearby, redirect 10% of the damage they take to you and heal for 8% of the damage dealt by your Worthy ally to Champions. I
    • if they have less than 30% Health, the damage reduction is increased to 20%.

Winter's Approach

  • Passive changed - Mana Charge: Strike a target with an Ability or Attack to consume a charge and gain 3 bonus Mana, doubled if the target is a champion.
    • Grants a maximum of 360 Mana, at which point this item transforms into Fimbulwinter. Gain a new Mana Charge every 8 seconds (max 4).

Force of Nature

  • MR increased 60 ⇒ 70
  • Passive changed - Absorb: Taking magic damage from enemy Champions grants a stack of Steadfast (max 6) for 5 seconds.
    • Enemy Immobilizing effects grant an additional 2 stacks."
  • New Passive - Dissipate: At 6 stacks of Steadfast, take 20% reduced magic damage and gain 10% increased Move Speed.
  • One spell can add a new stack of Steadfast every 1 second.

Frostfire Gauntlet

  • Passive damage changed - 12-30 (based on level) + 1% bonus Health ⇒ 12 + 1% bonus Health
  • Passive changed - Snowbind: Attacks create a frost field for 1.5 seconds and deal (20 - 100 +0.5% max Health for Melee champions / 10-50 +0.25% max Health for ranged champions) bonus magic damage to all enemies in the area (4s cooldown, 6s cooldown for ranged champions).
    • Enemies that move across the field are Slowed by 25% for melee champions and 12.5% for ranged champions (increased by your max Health)."

Turbo Chemtank

  • Passive Removed - Immolate
  • New Passive - Refuel: Moving and dealing damage fills up the Chemtank. At 100 stacks, your next basic attack deals 40-120 (+1% max Health, + 3% Move Speed) magic damage to all nearby enemies (increased by 25% against minions and 175% against jungle monsters).
  • Passive Changed - Mythic: Grants all other Legendary items 5 Ability Haste and 50 Health.

Cafe Cuties Skins (new in LOL 11.23)

Riot Games will release a new line of skins called Cafe Cuties, inspired by a fairy tale cafeteria.

The Cafe Cuties series will start with six Epic Skins, including Soraka, Annie, Vladimir, Bard, Gwen, and Sivir.

Arcane Skins

Besides the Cafe Cuties skins, League of Legends 11.23 will also feature two additional Arcane skins for Jinx and Caitlyn!

These Skins will be Free Rewards to celebrate the World Premiere of Arcane. They will be added to the shop for 950RP after the event is finished.

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