*LATEST* LoL Aurelion Sol Rework Counters - best champions to take

League of Legends Aurelion Sol has had his rework put into the live game and he is causing chaos.

After years of being put on the back burner, the space dragon has sprung back into action in a very aggressive way.

His play and ban rate has skyrocketed along with all the stars for his abilities.

With the current state of the game, it won't be surprising if we see a new hotfix for the legendary champion.

But, until that time, players need to know how to counter Aurelion without losing too much sanity.

So, let's look at the best counters for Aurelion Sol in League of Legends with different champions, runes, playstyles, and more.

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*LATEST* Riot Games Disable Aurelion Sol

After the hotfix not resolving the current balancing issues, Aurelion Sol has been temporarily disabled from the game.

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Best Champion Counter to Aurelion Sol Rework

So far, the best champion counter to Aurelion Sol in the mid-lane is Anivia.

With her stunning ability and huge burst damage, she can really create issuers for the new and improved dragon.

Aurelion Sol League of Legends
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Aurelion Sol's Q ability can easily be countered with her stun in League of Legends.

This is exactly the opposite of how the older Aurelion Sol used to deal with an Anivia in the lane.

Another good champion for this counter is someone like Viktor as his abilities can also quickly cancel his Q ability too.

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Other Counters

Other ideas to consider are League of Legends champions who can jump on Aurelion and cancel out his poke and ranged damage.

Since the changes, Aurelion has no more hard CC which can make him an easy target for an Akali or a Kai'Sa.

League of Legends Kai'Sa
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Sylas is also another great champion to take against Aurelion Sol due to this weakness in his kit.

So, some good League of Legends champions to take would be assassins or any champion whose CC can go through a minion wave undisrupted.

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