LoL Aurelion Sol Rework Champion Guide - abilities, runes, playstyle, and more

League of Legends Aurelion Sol has been a hot topic in the LoL community due to his recent rework in the game.

The whole champion has been wholly made new with his new abilities and possibilities for play.

Many mains of the champion have had conflicted views about the new rework. With some liking the new mechanics and others calling him clunky.

However, it may be a case of time as the new champion finds his feet in the Summoner's Rift.

As an extremely popular game champion, the community is wondering whether he has lost his iconic status.

So, let's look at a champion guide for Aurelion Sol in League of Legends and look at his abilities, runes, playstyle, and more.

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Reworked Aurelion Sol Abilities in League of Legends

Passive - Cosmic Creator

Aurelion Sol Passive Icon in League of Legends
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Aurelion Sol's damaging abilities grant Stardust, permanently improving his abilities. Each ability's bonus is listed in its respective section.

Q - Breath of Light

Aurelion Sol Q Icon in League of Legends
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Channel toward the cursor for a few seconds, damaging the first enemy hit and splashing reduced damage on nearby enemies.

Each time an enemy takes 1 cumulative second of channelling, Breath of Light deals an additional burst of damage.

Bursts against champions grant Stardust.

Breath of Light deals increased damage to champions and its range increases with Aurelion Sol's level.

Stardust increases the burst's damage.

W - Astral Flight

Aurelion Sol W Icon in League of Legends
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Aurelion Sol flies over terrain toward the target location, but is revealed through Fog of War to nearby enemies while flying.

Aurelion Sol can cast other abilities while flying.

During this time, Breath of Light has no cooldown or maximum channel duration and deals increased damage.

Astral Flight's remaining cooldown is reduced whenever an enemy champion Aurelion Sol recently damaged dies.

Stardust increases Astral Flight's max range.

E - Singularity

Aurelion Sol E Icon in League of Legends
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Summon a black hole for a few seconds, damaging enemies and slowly pulling them toward the center.

Singularity grants Stardust per second for each enemy champion in the black hole.

The center of the black hole executes enemies below a percentage of their maximum health, granting Stardust based on the type of enemy executed.

Stardust increases Singularity's size (including the center zone) and execute threshold.

R - Falling Star / The Skies Descend

Aurelion Sol R Icon in League of Legends
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Aurelion Sol R Icon in League of Legends
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Falling Star: Crash a star into the earth, dealing magic damage and stunning enemies hit.

Falling Star grants Stardust for each enemy champion hit.

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Stardust increases Falling Star’s size.

Gathering 75 Stardust transforms Aurelion Sol's next Falling Star into The Skies Descend.

The Skies Descend: Drag a giant star down from the heavens, significantly increasing the size of the impact zone, increasing damage dealt, and knocking enemies up rather than stunning them.

A massive shockwave spreads from the edge of the impact zone, damaging and slowing champions hit.

Stardust increases the size of the impact zone.


A popular build on Aurelion Sol right now is utilising his scaling possibility and range by taking First Strike as his primary rune.

As a champion who also has some pretty nice range and poking abilities, taking Arcane Comet or Summon Aery is also viable.

But, as a champion who is still in his early stages, we are seeing a variety of different runes spanning all the different lanes.

Support Aurelion, anyone?

League of Legends Playsyle for Aurelion Sol

As he now has more of a focus on his mage abilities, Aurelion Sol lacks the tankiness that he once had.

Because of this, players should look to utilise their range and poke instead of getting all up in the enemy's grill.

Aurelion Sol abilities in League of Legends
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Positioning for this reworked League of Legends champion should be near the back, nearer to the ADC.

But, he is also able to reduce the distance between him and his enemies nicely too.

Keeping these things in mind will have you as a professional Aurelion Sol player in League of Legends, in no time!

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