Karmine Corp roster changes and LEC bid for 2023, Rekkles, Saken, Cabochard out

Karmine Corp

Karmine Corp

Karmine Corp has had a mixed Season in the ERLs this year. After winning EU Masters in Spring, with a new roster and Rekkles as the face, they failed to qualify for Summer after finishing 6th in the LFL.

In the offseason, rumours have been flying about whether or not one of the most popular teams in Europe will finally break into the LEC, and if their roster will remain the same either way. Here's everything we know so far about what's in store for them.

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Karmine Corp LEC Bid Falls Flat

In an emotional stream last night, Kameto, owner of Kcorp, announced that the team would not be making it into the LEC this year. Rumours had been circulating for some time that the org would be buying out the Astralis slot, but talks failed to reach a conclusion.

Astralis lol
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Astralis will be retaining the LEC slot, and by the looks of it, a similar roster, as Kobbe is confirmed to be staying on. Karmine Corp will be a big loss to the LEC, as the french team has a huge loyal fanbase, in a time where League of Legends viewership is on the decline.

Karmine Corp Roster 2023

Karmine Corp is undergoing some big roster changes headed into the 2023 season of the LFL. Rekkles is already confirmed as leaving, but now some of his teammates look to be following.

Kcorp Rekkles
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Saken's contract has now expired, so he is free to explore options for next season, but Cabochard has been given the same option, despite his contract extending into 2023. Both players may yet decide to remain, but if not the org is in for a huge rebuild.

Saken and Cabochard are two impeccable solo laners that will no doubt have LEC offers to consider this offseason. So even though Karmine Corp will not be in the LEC, some of its spirit will.

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