Heretics EU Masters Victory over BDS is a Perfect Springboard to the LEC

EU Masters trophy

EU Masters trophy

Team Heretics, on their first and last appearance at EU Masters, did not come for second place. After winning the Spanish Superliga, Heretics made an extraordinary run through the knockout stages that no one expected.

Let's take a look at the story of the series, and why you might be seeing Heretics in Action sooner than you expect.

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EU Masters Finals

Despite their excellent run through the knockout stage, Heretics came into the finals as the underdogs. BDS Academy had bested them in the group stage and had 4 ex-LEC players on side, so looked like the heavy favourites.

Heretics lol
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Heretics had a clear plan, and executed it. They kept it simple in draft, and relied on the solid teamfight that they were able to put together. With a harder-to-execute comp, BSDA fell apart when the pressure was on.

Signs of life appeared from Game 3 onwards, though, with huge gains for BDS largely off the back of Crownshot, playing mid-game carries of Caitlyn and Lucian.

The Series went to a deciding game 5, as it looked like BDS might complete the reverse sweep, but Heretics held strong. With Zwyroo now picking up the Azir, BDS could not contest the pushing waves in mid.

Heretics were able to close out the series, and secure their legacy heading into a very exciting year for the organisation...

Heretics heading to the LEC

After bringing the EU Masters title back to Spain for the first time since 2018, Heretics now have bigger goals in mind. The org has acquired Misfits' slot in the LEC in a 40 million Euro deal.

Whether their roster will remain the same is yet to be seen, but expect most of Heretics to end up in the LEC next year, regardless of their team colours.

This will be a very exciting off-season for LEC fans, with Format changes proposed and lots of teams looking to make changes. Stay tuned for all the news as it happens.

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