G2 Announces All-Female League of Legends Team

G2 is one of the most successful and valuable esports teams worldwide. And now they are doubling down on representation with an all-female team.

The new team titled Hel will compete in the team's main title, Riot Games' League of Legends.

With efforts to expand the female esports industry and increase representation, the team have a huge weight on their shoulders.

But this is nothing that these strong females can't handle. Especially with the support from one of the world's best esports teams.

So, let's take a look at who is on the team and what this means for G2.

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Increasing representation

With more and more all-female teams cropping up in the amateur league, it's time that larger companies took the same steps.

This is exactly what G2 is doing with their brand new all-female League of Legends team.

G2 League of Legends all-female roster
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Team member Alena “TIFA” Maurer spoke about why developing this team is important.

"This is a huge milestone that breaks stereotypes, full of opportunities and possibility for female gamers and the esports sector in general"

With G2 having such a huge fanbase, Hel will really encourage younger female esports fans to push themselves to get to a similar position to break stigmas.

League of Legends teammate's experience

Each team member for the new League of Legends roster has a brilliant history in esports.

Caltys holds the title for the highest ELO League of Legends woman player in EUW. She also has the most experience in mixed rosters. Calty’s long-term goal is to eventually play in mixed rosters at the highest level.

G2 League of Legends all-female team
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TIFA is one of the most well-known players in Europe. She has been very active in the professional League of Legends days since Season 2 and has been a heavy advocate for enhancing the opportunities for female players in the League of Legends ecosystem.

Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodriguez, Founder and CEO of G2 Esports commented proudly with

We took VALORANT by storm with the G2 Gozen team which includes five of the most gifted and entertaining players who happen to be females. You should expect nothing less from G2 Hel. We will dominate competitively, all while having fun the G2 way.

G2 Hel and their team name

Hel is a tribute to the mythical figure, Hel, the daughter of Loki. She is the Goddess of death and Lord of the Underworld Kingdom.

It comes on the back of G2’s new team naming system – which is based on the names of female warriors or from female mythological figures, no matter when and where they are from, that represent G2’s brand values.

Having such an iconic and strong figure as their title will ensure that the team excel in their careers.

This is about to get exciting.

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