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Riot Releases More Female Champions to Increase Diversity

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Riot's champion design teams usually hit the mark when they release a variety of champions in League of Legends. From sexualities, races and whether they have a tail or not, there usually are no issues with the variety.

However, in recent years they have been releasing more female champions to cater to their audience's desires. With champions such as Vex, Bel'Veth and Renata Glasc joining the rift, that desire has been somewhat reached.

Confirmed statements from Riot employees have explained the reasoning behind releasing more female-identifying champions.

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Who cleared this up?

A Reddit post comment thread showed a conversation between Riot's Reav3 and another Reddit user. When asked why so many female champions had been released recently, Reav3 replied and said "So a couple years ago we looked at the overall diversity of our roster, and one of the things it showed was that we had like 60% male champs and 40% female champs".

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He then goes on to explain that "we have been adding a bit more female champs then male champs on average, for the last few years" to accommodate for the clear absence of female champions.

Mireles also added that women play mostly as female characters. He said that Riot's data shows that actually 97% of female players only play as female champions, while men are equally split between male and female characters.

What does this mean for Riot?

This only goes to show the care that Riot put into their champion designs, lores, and identities. The way they quickly react to fans' comments and issues is something that every company should aspire to have.

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Increasing diversity provides a great way to stay connected with the community and build a legacy of acceptance and happiness, and in Pride month too? Go Riot!

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