Fnatic crush MAD Lions and advance to LEC Finals Weekend in Malmö

Malmo arena

Malmo arena

Fnatic continues to defy all expectations in their incredible run through the lower bracket of the LEC Playoffs. After a decisive 3-0 sweep against Misfits on Friday, many expected them to fall at the final hurdle before finals weekend in Malmö.

However, the inevitability of Fnatic continued to prevail. With 20 playoff appearances, 12 finals, and 7 titles to its name, this is an organisation that has earned its place in the history books.

Let's take a look at the story of the series, and what's next for Fnatic.

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How Fnatic won the series

Fnatic's winning team
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Following the resurgence of MAD Lions in the Summer split of the LEC, most were expecting this series to be a close affair. Some analysts chose Fnatic, others chose MAD, but it was unanimously agreed that neither would roll over without a fight.

Fnatic began strong, sticking to their guns with the powerful early game of Razork's Trundle, and the bot-lane duo of Lucian Nami. Despite questions surrounding Fnatic's drafts, few can deny at this stage that the strategy they have is working for them in the LEC Playoffs.

Fnatic vs MAD Lions draft
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However MAD answered back in game 2, beating out that very same draft strategy. An impressive laning performance from Armut's Aatrox, and unbeatable scaling from Unforgiven's Sivir, carried them to a resounding victory.

From then on though the story was all Fnatic. Despite innovation in the draft phase from MAD, Nisqy even picking a rarely seen Cassiopeia, nothing could answer the early game dominance from Fnatic.

They went on to take the series 3-1, silencing doubters and cementing themselves in the top 3 this LEC playoffs.

What's next for Fnatic

Fnatic now advances to the coveted Finals weekend of the LEC Playoffs in Malmö, Sweden. They will face Rogue in the losers bracket finals on Saturday, for a chance to face G2 Esports in the grand finals on Sunday.

Although all 3 teams are now confirmed to be heading to the World Championships later this year, these last two series are of utmost importance.

LEC trophy Malmo
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The winner of Fnatic vs Rogue on Saturday will advance straight to the Group stage of Worlds, whereas the loser will have to fight through the Play-in stage.

Catch the Finals weekend live on the LEC Twitch channel, and watch this space for all news from the event.

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