Is Hypercharge: Unboxed on Xbox Series X|S?

Hypercharge Unboxed Funderdome

Hypercharge Unboxed Funderdome

If you are wondering if Hypercharge Unboxed is in Xbox Series X|S, you have come to the right place! The popular wave-sabe shooter game has great online and offline modes and delivers a spectacular gaming experience.

Hypercharge Unboxed was developed by Digital Cybercherries and has won many awards. The game's popularity continues to grow, and it might even rival some of the biggest games in the shooter genre in the future.

Is Hypercharge Unboxed in Xbox Series X|S?

Rejoice Xbox Series X|S players, as Hypercharge Unboxed is coming to the platform on Friday, 31 May 2024. The game is optimized for the Xbox Series X|S and you can pre-order it.

The Hypercharge Unboxed standard edition costs $26.99/£21,99, and it includes the base game.

You can also pre-order the Hypercharge Unboxed Complete Edition, which costs $39.99/£31,99 and includes the base game plus the Hypercharge Supporter pack and Breaker & Mightus pack.

Hypercharge Unboxed Bedroom
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All of the Hypercharge Unboxed content can be unlocked for free as the game has no microtransactions, which is quite rare in today's video game market.

So if you don't mind grinding the game to unlock content, the standard edition is perfect for you.

But no matter which edition you pick, you will be able to play an immersive and incredibly fun game that is even more enjoyable when played with friends.

Hypercharge Unboxed has many competitive modes, but players can have a more laid-back experience if they opt for solo play modes. Furthermore, players can unlock content by playing the solo modes, so you can play the mode you enjoy the most.

If you want to know if Hypercharge Unboxed is coming to PS5, we also got you covered.

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