Halo Infinite Multiplayer features will be MISSING at launch

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Halo Infinite is still set to launch this year and that has left many players clamouring for as much information as they can possibly get about the game.

Unfortunately, it's all currently up in the air. Hopefully, we can see some more information coming up to their show at Gamescom and beyond.


But, the latest info won't thrill fans.

Release Date

Halo Infinite is still scheduled for "Holiday 2022" - though the exact date hasn't been set just yet.

We will likely receive a release window for November sometime soon.

Either this or the game will delay. This may be unlikely given the recent beta and the team's plans for the next year.

What is missing?

There are two central features missing from its launch. They are the co-op campaign and forge mode.


The campaign itself will be there on launch but we will have to wait until season 2 (about 3 months) to get the co-op mode.

It isn't sure when forge will launch just yet but we are anticipating a few months for that too.

What will be there at launch?

Everything else will be there at launch, just fragmented in a separate way. The campaign is what comes with the paid version of Halo: Infinite. The multiplayer is free to play.

So far, the beta for Halo has been rather positive, despite some lacking performance on the previous generation's hardware.


This is a pretty big question that has a few key answers. Being delayed one year from its original release window, the team at 343 has had years to get this game right.

In their development update, Joseph Staten, the head of creative for Halo Infinite, stated that they simply weren't ready yet.

"We're going to keep campaign co-op and forge in the oven a little longer. When they're ready, we're going to release them as part of our seasonal roadmap next year."

This seems pretty conclusive but the focus on the roadmap is important too. Though the decision to delay it comes down to it not being ready, its release date will be determined by its roadmap.

This means some pretty important things for the future of the game. It cements a focus on the future of the game as a changing, evolving title.


As Twitter user and Youtuber @ConnorEatsPants pointed out, their commitment to an evolving game may be held back by their promise to deliver the game on Xbox One.

This will be a prevalent issue over the next few years as the gap in technological power become even more noticeable. Eventually, Xbox will have to let go of support when it comes to the last generation.

We don't appear to be there just yet though.

Halo Infinite is currently spinning a lot of plates, launching a huge game with two central modes over three different game platform ecosystems, and, hopefully, those plates don't come crashing down.