Was GTA 6's Announcement made for business reasons?

It was amazing to finally get the news that GTA 6 is indeed in development. Rockstar Games made their statement and almost immediately after this, something very interesting, albeit predictable happened.

That's led us to wonder, was there a reason why the announcement was made beyond simply putting fans worries to rest? Let's take a look at why the reveal may have come when it did, and the reason why we probably won't get any more details for a long time yet.

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Was the GTA 6 reveal a financial play?

While we would love to believe the confirmation of GTA 6's development was purely done for the fans, there was also likely a financial reason for the move. As soon as the reveal was done and confirmation of the GTA 5 remake's release date was made, Rockstar's parent company, Take-Two saw their stock prices rise.

While the rise is to be expected, there was a near $13 growth with the announcement and this comes just days before the next Take-Two earnings call (Monday, 7 February). Throw in their recent acquisition of Zynga and the ongoing success of GTA 5 Online, it might be a case of T2 stacking the positive news for investors.

This also explains why GTA 6 wasn't mentioned by name and we simply got confirmation that development is underway. Nothing we didn't already know, but hearing this directly from the source will always carry a larger weight on financial events.

As a result, Rockstar Games can continue their work and hopefully, the inquisitive nature of fans will subside even if only for a few months. It also leaves Rockstar with a thin veil of mystery of the title and they can continue to tease the game over the coming year(s) until they are ready to show more.

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