How much does Michael's GTA 5 mansion cost in real life?

It's common to find yourself playing a game and admiring the properties our protagonists own. In the case of GTA 5, Michael De Santa might have a dysfunctional family but the house they live in is quite the spectacle. You kind of expect him to have a certain living standard given the amount of cash he's stolen over the years.

Well, the folks over at worked with HouseBuyFast to figure out the values of various gaming and pop culture homes as well as how much it would cost to insure them!

Think you have a chance at passing the mortgage process? You may want to think again...

Michael's GTA 5 Mansion: What is the Real-Life Cost?

If you want to own the luxurious 3-bedroom mansion that comes with its own pool, tennis court and garage you're going to need to cough up big time.

The Rockford Hills property would cost an estimated £6,000,000 on today's market which is out of our price range, to say the least.

gta 5 michaels mansion
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Michael's mansion in GTA 5 is upmarket to say the least

As a multi-millionaire criminal who struck a deal with the authorities to facilitate his disappearance, it's fair to assume that Michael didn't have to spend this much within the lore of GTA 5.

On top of the outlandish cost of the property, you would then need to insure it which would come at a real-world approximate cost of £476 a year. That would hopefully cover building and contents but could fluctuate depending on what you want covering.

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We do wonder whether the cost of insurance in GTA 5 would be a lot higher given all of the... activities, that have taken place in and around the immediate area. Let's just say it's probably not the safest place to try and own a super expensive property, just ask Martin Madrazo.

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