GTA Trilogy Remaster Download Size: How much space do you need?

Rockstar Games is remastering its iconic trilogy of Grand Theft Auto Games - III, San Andreas, and Vice City - for current and next-gen consoles. The GTA Trilogy remaster is going to offer up new gameplay mechanics and a completely refreshed set of graphics. They're not going to feel like new games, necessarily, but they're going to feel a lot different to what we know.

All these changes come at a price, though. Financially, yes, but also in terms of storage space. Here's the currently-known download size for all three games in the GTA Trilogy remaster.

DOWNLOAD SIZE - How big are the new releases?

Rockstar Games' re-release of the GTA Trilogy - in the form of "The Definitive Edition" - is going to set you back roughly 39.2GB on current-gen consoles.

This breaks down as the following:

  • Grand Theft Auto III - 5.3GB
  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - 22.8GB
  • Grand Theft Auto Vice City - 11.1GB

We knew San Andreas was the biggest of the three but the difference is huge! According to Rockstar Games, you'll need around 45GB spare on PC for this re-release and we think next-gen consoles are going to clock in at around the same download size for the GTA Trilogy remaster.

We will keep this updated with the correct download sizes when we know more. You can start preloading the GTA Trilogy remaster on PlayStation from the following times:

  • 00:01 November 6th PST
  • 00:01 November 6th EST
  • 00.01 November 6th GMT

In addition to this, you should be able to start preloading through Xbox and on Nintendo Switch right now. The game will then unlock at the following times on all platforms:

  • 07:00 November 11th PST
  • 10:00 November 11th EST
  • 14:00 November 11th GMT

We're just over a week away now - We can't wait to dive back into the past of Grand Theft Auto with these classics.

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