GTA Online Weekly Update 18 August: Release Time, All Discounts, & Podium Vehicle

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We've only had one proper GTA Online Weekly Update since the release of The Criminal Enterprises but it was a huge one! Last week's update left players very satisfied as a new vehicle, new races and massive discounts were added.

Now our attention turns to the next big update. If you're keen to know when the GTA Online Weekly Update will drop, we have everything you need to know!

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Latest - Update is Live!

The GTA Online Weekly Update for 18 August is now live! Here's everything that has changed;

Ruiner ZZ-8 is now available for ($1,320,000)

Podium: Rapid GT Classic

Prize Ride: Retinue (Top 5 in Street Races, 2 days in a row)

Luxury Showcase: Ruiner ZZ-8

Pariah Simeon Showroom: Speedo, Dynasty, Fagaloa, Sultan Classic, Impaler

Clothing Unlock: - Wild Striped Pool Sliders

Two new freemode random events available

  • Smuggler Plane (Cooldown, 35 mins)
  • Smuggler Trial (Cooldown, 20 mins)

3x GTA$ & RP on

  • Clubhouse Contracts

2x GTA$ & RP on

  • Cayo Perico Races
  • Land & Air Races

40% Off

  • MC Clubhouses

50% Off

  • Biker Jackets

50% Off

  • Pariah ($710,000)
  • Vortex ($178,000)

40% Off

  • Sultan Classic ($1,030,800 - $773,100)
  • Glendale ($120,000 - $90,000)
  • Impaler ($199,101 - $149,700)
  • Faction Custom ($201,000)
  • Marshall ($300,000)

GTA Online Weekly Update Release Time

The GTA Online Weekly Update for this week is expected to take place on Thursday 18 August. The info on the update usually drops at around 2 am PST / 5 am EST / 10 am GMT. This time can be off by up to an hour though depending on the size of the update and if any other announcements are due.

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We'll keep you updated with the drop when it is live. The usual source, @TezFunz2 is usually the first to tweet out the changes. We'll update this article with all the information, so don't worry about chasing the patch notes down.

Last Weeks Update

If you're keen to make the most of last week's GTA Online Weekly Update before it's gone, here is what was included.

10 Cayo Perico Races are available

Draugur is available for ($1,870,000 - $1,402,500)

Receive the "Gray Yeti Flat Cap" for purchasing Draugur

Buried Stashes are now available.

Find the Metal Detector Random Event to start collecting

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2x GTA$ & RP on

  • Cayo Perico Races

50% Off

  • Special Cargo Crates & Warehouse Source Cargo

40% Off

  • Bunkers

30% Off

  • Special Cargo Warehouses

50% Off

  • Silk Pajamas & Robes
  • Smoking Jackets

30% Off

  • Throwables & Ammo (+Special Ammo)

60% Off

  • Carbonizzare ($78,000)

50% Off

  • Defiler ($206,000 - $154,500)

50% Off

  • 811 ($567,500)
  • Super Diamond ($125,000)

40% Off

  • Brickade ($666,000)
  • Cognoscenti ($152,400)
  • FMJ ($1,050,000)
  • Arena Imperator ($1,370,964 - $1,030,800)
  • Windsor Drop ($540,000)

30% Off

  • Itali GTB ($832,300)
  • Penetrator ($616,000)
  • T20 ($1,540,000)

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